FortressCraft Evolved – Preview
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Developer: Digital Tribe
Publisher:Digital Tribe
Platform: PC

FortressCraft Evolved – Preview

Good: graphics are great
Bad: lack of story
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We all know and love Minecraft! Creepers, slimes, ghasts, zombies, … They all tried to invade our beloved homes and plainly kill us. Minecraft has its own distinctive style, but what if there is a game that surpasses the pixel-like graphics? Will this game offer something else than the popular Minecraft? Let’s find out ;).


FortressCraft Evolved is a simulator game that takes us to the world of building. Some of the Xbox-players might recognise this title from the previous FortressCraft Chapter 1. There isn’t a real story connected to the game at the moment, just the fun of letting your creativity take over and build whatever you like. The developers are implementing a survival mode as well, but if this will contain a real storyline is the question. This mode wasn’t available yet, so I won’t be able to give you more information about this part. The creative mode will surpass your wildest dreams. You will get the chance to choose between 10 different worlds. When you have found your ultimate building spot, select it and you’re thrown in after the “baking” has taken place. The game is in first-person and you’ll see a nice gadget floating next to you. In Minecraft, you had to ‘mine’ your blocks and make other items with your furnace. FortressCraft Evolved uses a mighty machine that holds the different blocks you’re able to choose. No more fooling around, gathering the exact amount. Here, you can just pick the block, find a nice spot, and build it.


The game contains a whopping 70 blocks, giving you immense options. Even if you can’t find a specific block, you can always build a workplace and make them yourself. How this exactly works, isn’t very clear yet. We’ll get back to this when the game is finished. I hear you thinking: “If everything is in first-person, how can I build amazing structures?”. Well, you get a nice jetpack which gives you the chance to fly around and check your surroundings from above. You can change the angle of the camera to your liking, so you can get a 360° view. If this isn’t enough, there is something else quite nifty. What if you got tha powah to change the weather to your liking? Yes, even that is possible. You get a weather cane, giving you the power of the gods. There are a few modes you can choose from, like sunny, rainy, snowy or meteors. Yes, you read it: METEORS. This kind of destroys your work but it is oh so nice TO FEEL THE WORLD BURN. MUAHAHAHAAHAA… uhm, let’s get to the next part.


There will be a multiplayer mode as well, giving you the opportunity of getting together with some friends and build an empire, a space shuttle, whatever your heart’s desire. This is something for the future, so no extra information about this either. Now about the graphics. We’ve already mentioned Minecraft, because it has the same kind of style. The graphical quality in FortressCraft Evolved seems a lot better than Minecraft. We have to keep in mind that Minecraft probably keeps this style because players just love it, rather than not being able of upgrading it. Anyway, the blocks are way more detailed and finished and the environment is smooth as well. Although this is nice, it also means that you will need quite some firepower to attain these graphics, implying that FortressCraft might not be available for older pc’s. There isn’t that much music implemented, but the single song isn’t something that shoots you to boredom. The sound effects that are available, are well done and gives the game that bit extra.


Conclusion At the start of this preview, we questioned if there was a game that looked like Minecraft but with better graphics and if this game would offer something else then. From the several preview sessions, it is clear that the 2 games are both different and alike. They both offer a weird kind of simulator game, having a creative and survival mode. The difference lies in the possibilities and the graphics. FortressCraft Evolved offers better graphics and has more blocks than there are socks in my drawer, although you’ll have to watch out with the power needed for this baby.

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FortressCraft Evolved - Preview, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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