FortressCraft Evolved – Preview Update
Follow Genre: Simulator game
Developer: Digital Tribe
Publisher:Digital Tribe
Platform: PC

FortressCraft Evolved – Preview Update

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A while back, we got the chance to write a preview of FortressCraft Evolved. There have been quite some changes, giving us the opportunity to give you guys an update.



There is some nice and peaceful music, giving you a nice and relaxed feeling during your creative splashes, boosting your thinking abilities and creative mood. The sound effects didn’t change that much though, but they already gave a nice effect to the game.


The survival mode reflects a never ending dream of day and night shifting and never knowing when you’ll be eaten by unknown forces. The cinematic is rather short but says enough. There you are, in an spaceship, flying around. All of the sudden you’ll get closer to a planet, closer and closer… until it’s too late and you crash into the pit of doom.. or just a standard, weird, outer-space planet. Here you are, stranded on your own, with nothing but a weird robot and his blocks.

You get several building possibilities from the start, but there is one catch though. You’ll need to find and dig up ore using machines and doing so costs you power. I can hear your question,”what power do you mean?”. Well, the power of your suit. Your magical suit of wonder that protects you from several dangerous fluids and gasses runs on batteries (D’OH damn technological backlog)! To maintain the power, you have to stay in the sun. During nights, stay close to torches so you don’t run out.


Another bother is that the wreckage of your ship led to losing all of the valuable data. There you are, lost on a planet and not knowing what to do. Thank God you still have your scanner and the possilbity to build a research center, giving you the option to rebuild the database. This data is needed to help you craft new and useful items, like machinery. On its turn, these machinery are needed to dig up ore or fight of the evil ones. We have just found a circle of life, yay!

We just mentioned that machines can dig ores and other useful items, but you’ll need to know where to find them. Your magical suit of wonders has another fancy thing as well, namely the ‘material ping’. This scans the area, revealing ores thus giving you a clue where to put your fancy stuff (watch out though, this will cost suit power).

The last thing I can add is: stay in the sun during the day, don’t go poking in dark holes at night. You won’t like what you’ll find.

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