Free Build mode announced for Stronghold: Warlords

Free Build mode announced for Stronghold: Warlords

Firefly Studios have announced Stronghold: Warlords will include a unique ‘Free Build’ game mode, allowing players to put their stronghold to the test with AI invasions. In Free Build players can design castles with near-unlimited resources, customize its defenses and launch wave after wave of invasions to put their creativity to the test.

Free Build is designed to be played in many different ways. A selection of large open maps will allow players to build to their heart’s content. Invasions also come with a host of options, including a selection of unique siege armies to throw at your castle walls.

The challenge can be further increased with invasion difficulty settings and the ability to add random events such as peasant revolts, moth infestations and deadly roaming tigers. Players will also be able to create custom Free Build maps, adding their own events, invasions and warlords to capture.

An additional extended gameplay trailer can be found here.

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