Frostpunk’s journey comes to an end in ‘On The Edge’ DLC

Frostpunk’s journey comes to an end in ‘On The Edge’ DLC

It has been a few hectic years, surviving in the cold remnants of the world in Forstpunk. We reviewed The Last Autumn’ DLC that takes place right before the eternal winter and we have also covered the console version. Both have scored really well and this gives the community high hopes for how great the last DLC will be. This expansion will add a whole host of new problems to solve, combined with new mechanics for the player to explore.

In this new adventure, the player will be tasked by running a settlement away from the city, yet still driven by the orders from the capital. One day the leaders will stop helping you and you must decide to fend for yourself or stay loyal to New London.

Key features include:

  • Be flexible or stay firm as the leader – Can you trust other communities? Should you respect their ways of survival or bend them to your will?
  • Establish an economical union with other outposts using the Transport Depot.
  • Help develop other Settlements by fulfilling their requests.
  • Construct safe routes on the Frostland and exchange surplus resources for those you lack.
  • Discover 16 brand new areas of the Frostland and revisit some of the old sites – learning their fate after the Great Storm.
  • Communicate with other communities thanks to brand new UI in the Administration building.
  • Try to survive without control over the Book of Laws.
  • Enable new mechanics available in the Endless Mode.

This expansion is out now on PC.

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