Gambling and eSports in 2020

With the current quarantine regulations set in place, it’s quite hard to visit your local tavern or even sports happening for you to enjoy yourself. Some love to go and view what’s going on, while others thoroughly enjoy a friendly bet or wager. We are no strangers to the slot machine that stands in the dark corner of your pub, and even though it might not always be the most pleasant part of the tavern, we have all sunk in some coins hoping to go home with big winnings. Luckily, there are plenty of options we can visit online in order to have some excitement in our lives during these somewhat dull days.

As we all know, there are loads of online gambling platforms and sites that allow us to play different types of games. There are regular slots, bingo or even blackjack tables, but gamers can also find actual games that are based on famous franchises as well. There are sites such as which cater to that last type of gamble enthusiast. The site is a well-respected source of gambling content and allows you to pick your favorite poison. The vibrant and colorful platform has different themed games, going from Egyptian style slots to more casual looking games about aliens and even pets. We were quite impressed with how gambling platforms adapt to the needs of those finding the old-school means of placing a bet a bit too dull or simply unappealing. Of course, as always, don’t let every flashy light draw you in and gamble with moderation. There is a lot more to be enjoyed when treading the waters lightly to find which game suits you best, rather than go all-in on your first try. Relax, try out some games and ultimately have a lot of fun, while being able to win a buck or two.

We also notice an increase in gambling activities when it comes to local, regional and worldwide eSports events. We were lucky enough to speak to one of the biggest eSports bar owners in the past, Sophia Metz, who runs a few bars around the globe. More and more people show up to these bars, as if they’re there to watch soccer, baseball or football matches. It’s only natural that more and more people are also inclined to place a bet and perhaps even wager some money on their favorite teams. The eSports industry is thriving, and while some people may argue that many of these events aren’t ‘real’ sports, the community is booming nonetheless. We also notice an influx of older viewers, above their thirties, who are well-interested in the phenomenon of eSports.

We can also refer to different documentaries about life as an actual competitor in different leagues, such as All Work All Play. The latter showed us that aiming for a spot in the digital limelights isn’t all just about gaming casually. Many of the competitors do this as an only means of income and also have to work hard for it. Fall out of sync with your team, and it’s possible you find yourself without a team, or lose a bit of your edge, and your career can be over in mere seconds. Nonetheless, those who do make it big, have a future in the community, and some even end up presenting big events or becoming a familiar face for different eSports products, such as apparel and gaming peripherals.

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