Gambling, what’s that?

The games market is somewhat oversaturated when looking at the options. Nowadays there are many free games available, often obscuring those you actually have to buy. There are also games that state they are free, but end up costing you money to actually make any progress. The games marketing model proves to be quite complicated, and more than often you’ll have to think about your options. Are you going for that alluring free game, that just might waste your time and money on micro-transactions? Or will you opt to spend some cash, be it for a new game, or to roll the dice of lady luck?

There are many ways to spend your money when it comes to gaming. There are many that invest in a physical game collection, be it retro games, or brand new collector editions, or even limited prints, such as the games from Limited Run. Other than that, you can also spend money on your favorite games, such as League of Legends, without actually getting an advantage in return. These games do not work with the pay-to-win formula, and thus will reward paying players with cosmetic upgrades, simply making their chosen heroes look better. This is certainly a commendable business model, not only because free players aren’t being given a disadvantage, but simply because it’s clear what you’re getting. This is unlike the loot system in games such as FIFA, where you have to buy card packs, hoping you get a proper player in order to make some progress. This is deemed gambling in many countries, and some are actually putting a ban on it. While gambling isn’t bad per se, it is when you have already paid the full retail price on a game, and it still then doesn’t allow you to play the game fairly.

If you opt to actually put a wager or two in, it’s best to turn to professional corporations offering a safe gambling environment. There are many options when it comes to playing casino games online, be it those that look like authentic casino games, but also those that incorporate famous gaming and movie franchises, to cater to those looking for a familiar gaming experience. We can advise sites such as the Mr Bet live casino. Sites such as this have a proper security system in place, making sure your money is well cared for. There are many dubious sites on the internet, thus we advise potential players to do their research first.

Other popular casinos offer actual real bitcoin games, which is also quite interesting for those who can’t find a purpose for their mined coins. While this is still a relatively new formula, it’s one worth checking out if you’re interested.

As always, we think everyone should pick their poison when it comes to gaming. Everyone should be free to choose whatever they like, but we always advise to play games in moderation, be it free games that ask you to invest a lot of time, or physical games that can drain the bank, but also gambling should be done in a safe environment and in moderation.

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