Game Mania – Ticket Your Way to the Southern Island

Game Mania – Ticket Your Way to the Southern Island

Due to a collaboration between Game Mania and Nintendo, fans of the Pokémon series will be able to get their hand on the special Eon ticket for the newest Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

In a total of eleven different stores of Game Mania in Belgium and the Netherlands, you’ll be able to get the Eon Ticket for free, which allows players to pay a visit to the Southern Island where you’ll be able to meet both the legendary Pokémon Latias (Omega Ruby) and Latios  (Alpha Sapphire).

The ticket is available in the following Belgian locations, where fans can spread the ticket themselves:

– Game Mania Merksem, Bredalaan 739

– Game Mania Gent, Dampoortstraat 30

– Game Mania Genk, Europalaan 71

– Game Mania Leuven, Tiensesteenweg 224

– Game Mania Brugge Sint-Kruis, Maalse Steenweg 153

The action will start on the 6th of December in the participating stores.


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