Game Tycoon 2 Launches Today

Game Tycoon 2 Launches Today

Game Tycoon 2, a title from developers Sunlight Games, has been launched on Steam Early Access today (and other retailers of digital downloads). Here, you choose from one of three development studios to create the video game hits of tomorrow for all platforms (e.g. PC, console, handheld, etc.). As an indie developer, you’re in the deep end amongst the sharks of the big league, and you must be creative and nimble to survive in this cutthroat business. Make your mark on the niche market!

Key features of Game Tycoon 2 are:

  • Cartoon style graphics
  • Three different characters to choose from
  • 20 missions, each with tutorials and one endless game
  • Integrated privacy
  • Accurate replica of video game economics
  • Different software and hardware dating back to 1980 through the modern era, along with development techniques
  • Varied soundtracks

Game Tycoon 2 is available for $9.99 for the US, €9,99 for the EU and £6.99 for the UK, and the language options are English or German.

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