Gaming Design Redefined: How Technology is Changing Industry

Games have become more and more advanced as the years have gone on, with technology playing a large part in this development. Not only are games used for entertainment, but they can be a crucial tool when it comes to education. The most cutting edge aspect of the current gaming industry has to be mobile phones. With nearly every person being glued to their phones, looking for new ways to unwind and distract themselves from the stresses of the day, Minecraft, League of Legends and Rainbow Riches phone games are becoming much more popular.

From the olden days of playing pong, from Atari’s first console to the lightning-fast graphics-intensive games such as Warzone, and now with the setup of live games where people can interact with one another, the gaming industry has made some profound advances.


The step-up in gaming graphics has taken a massive leap from the original two-dimensional, pixelated images that early games consoles produced. The introduction of special effects and 3D graphics has created a much more realistic look when it comes to gaming.

With these graphics advances, games such as textures and physical characteristics have become much more realistic and fluid, allowing in-game interactions between different objects. In addition, a far more immersive experience has been granted with the boost in special effects and real texture details, taking the online gaming world to the next level.

Smartphone Gaming and Apps

With the rise in smartphones, the online gaming scene has developed in a big way. In essence, your smart device can be a pocket-sized games console giving you access to a world of online gaming any time you like. 

Games that are simple and fun to play naturally attract the widest audience, but smartphones can adhere to just about anyone’s taste with so many games and applications available.

A vast proportion of smartphone gaming has been designed for the casual gamer. Someone who may only have a few minutes to kill while on a break at work or waiting for a taxi. In these moments, you will see many people glued to their phones playing some sort of game.

Connecting people through gaming

Playing games alone is a thing of the past. The advances in internet speeds have allowed people to connect to other gamers anywhere in the world instantly. Phone games such as candy crush and words with friends have virtually enabled users to compete with their friends. With the advances in technology, games can be played on or offline, with many websites developing games designed to be played in groups creating a more social aspect.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The world of virtual and augmented reality is now upon us, and this growth in technology has pushed gaming to new heights. Gamers can get a more immersive experience with virtual reality wearing VR headsets to create an entirely new sensation. In addition, games such as PokemonGo have taken full advantage of AR, combining the Pokemon world with the world you see around you.

Some factors that have helped accelerate AR and VR’s extreme growth are service delivery networks, greater unified content, accessory development, and advances in cloud-based servers to help high-speed stream content through mobile networks. Smartphone networks like 5G have been predicted to lower the overall data use costs, making these gaming experiences even more attractive.

Cloud-Based Advances 

The technology that goes into the cloud has allowed people to enjoy games in a new way. With less onboard storage needed, people with lower-quality computer systems can still enjoy their favourite games. This is great for game players with just a login required to start right where you left off, no matter the device you’re playing on. 

Game-Changing Technologies

Traditional online gaming through consoles and PCs has developed in a big way, with gambling apps and platforms not being too far behind. Gaming players can now enjoy a nearly life-like experience when it comes to playing poker, blackjack, roulette, and other games. The best games are using face recognition, virtual reality, gesture controls, voice recognition, augmented reality, hyper-realistic graphics, and more. 

Safer Payments

Blockchain technologies have created a safe and enjoyable way to spend money. Alternative currencies such as crypto help to boost your safety even more. With this rise in safety and security, the online gambling market has seen an increase, with people feeling much better about withdrawing and depositing money into their gaming account.

With the development of smartphones and contactless payments, you can access nearly anything with your fingertips. This has made online games such as casinos and gambling apps even more accessible. The digital security that comes with making transactions through your smart device limits your transactions and completely eliminates the chance of money laundering.


Hyperreality blends VR with physical reality to create a more life-like experience while gaming. In addition, players will use accessories such as straps, helmets, and more while completing virtual tasks with each other.


The advances in modern technology have changed the world, leaving people wondering if they can live without the internet and their smartphones. With this, the world of gaming has followed, making it no better time to be a gamer. The future of gaming has lots of promise and even more steps to take. With innovative technology on the rise and integration into the real world, gaming will be like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. The new generation of gaming is set to include VR and AR gadgets and accessories in a big way. From RPGs to online casino games, you will have the chance to experience immersion like never before.

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