Gaming in 2022: A Year in Review

Gaming in 2022: A Year in Review

Video games, and gaming as a whole, has come a long way from the primitive iterations featuring blocky 2D characters who could only move along one plane. Today, games are hyper-realistic, compromised of intricate 3D worlds and inventive plots. Gaming is a huge industry, it is an incredibly popular hobby, and as such, developers continue to drive towards innovation in order to continue to capture the interest of players. This year saw a number of trends in the world of gaming, so let’s explore.

Cryptocurrency & Gaming

Cryptocurrency has been growing in use over the last couple of years, although it truthfully doesn’t have too many applications. Gaming has provided an excellent home for cryptocurrency. Digital currency works really well with gaming. It acts as an incentive to players by providing more tangible rewards. There are several types of crypto coins dedicated solely to use in gaming applications. In addition to this, several big game developers have also invested in NFTs in order to transform in-game products, purchases and ownership. This area of gaming and the use of cryptocurrency is likely to be explored further in the next few years too.

Cloud-Based Gaming

Traditionally, in order to play video games, you needed access to a specific piece of equipment like a console; however, this year saw the first real widespread foray into cloud-based gaming. Pretty much all of the big names in game development – like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Sony, to name but a few – have begun to offer games via a subscription system which is cloud-based. The idea of cloud-based gaming has made things easier for gamers who no longer need to continually invest in new hardware in order to play their games. Instead, the games are streamed over the internet. While it is unlikely that consoles will be eliminated entirely in the next few years, the idea of cloud-based gaming could make them obsolete, especially if it takes off.


In the last few years, virtual reality and augmented reality have seen huge upticks in their use in the gaming industry, and this is a trend that has continued throughout this year. Several game franchises have attempted to integrate these elements into their games, like Grand Theft Auto or Minecraft, through the use of headsets to some success. However, there has yet to be a game that has seen the same success as Pokemon Go utilising the elements of AR. In addition, the hardware needed to access these games became much more affordable this year. In theory, VR and AR should be incredibly popular because of the immersive experiences they offer; however, the right application has yet to emerge, but developers continue to work on it.

Live Gaming

In the past, gaming was an individual experience. The games began when the console was turned on or the game disk inserted. However, thanks to advances in gaming access, live gaming is now an option. As a result, live gaming has seen several applications in all areas of the gaming industry. For example, within online gambling, live casino games have been a big draw for a number of casinos like PlayLive, who also have a number of other promotions: there are free spins, bonuses and discounts to explore.

In-World Advancements

A lot of time and effort goes into creating the world that houses your games; they can make or break a game. They are created to allow the gamer a more immersive and captivating experience. The concept of an in-game world has taken on new meaning over the last couple of years. The in-game worlds have begun to symbolise a new way to meet and consume content in the digital space. Think of the concerts held in Fortnite. These in-world games provide new ways to engage and socialise, where users are bound to find like-minded individuals. In addition, the in-world events and forums can help to provide a sense of community for gamers.


As mentioned above, gaming traditionally wasn’t that accessible; you needed to be able to afford the consoles and the games, or if you played in an arcade, you needed to find the money to get there and operate the games. Nowadays, gaming is much more accessible. While a lot of people still play via consoles, they do tend to be more affordable; however, the use of consoles is longer paramount to the gaming experience. In addition, players only need an internet connection to play online games. They can be streamed easily over the internet, which has made gaming far more accessible. Interestingly, it has also provided players with far more opportunities when it comes to competitors too. They can play against anyone else in the world, as long as they are playing at the same time. Accessibility has been a buzzword in the gaming community this year, with a lot of developers making a concerted effort to transform their approach to gaming to make it more accessible for players.


Sports-based video games have long since been popular, although the idea of Esports is relatively new. The aspects associated with traditional sports like arenas, stadiums, audiences, leagues, tournaments, sponsorships and referees can all now be associated with gaming, too, hence Esports. In fact, Esports has even been included in some sporting events like the Asian Games. The tournaments themselves have provided more ways for fans of the games to engage with them. It has also provided more avenues for those who consider themselves to be at the highest levels of gaming skills, as well as providing more opportunities for would-be gaming professionals.

In Summary

2022 has been an interesting year for gamers. Gaming as an industry is driven by innovation and inventiveness. Game developers are continually looking for new years to appeal to players and to apply their games to new technologies. This year saw growth in several areas, from cryptocurrency use to the recognition of Esports as a sporting category. It is difficult to guess where the gaming industry is headed next when a lot of the innovations directly rely on technological advancements.

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