Gauntlet to get a reboot this summer

Gauntlet to get a reboot this summer

Do you guys remember Gauntlet? In case you’re either too young to truly appreciate this medium’s roots, or were living in a technology deprived cave during the eighties, we’ll remind you. Back in 1985 Gauntlet stirred things up as a one of the first multiplayer dungeon crawlers.

Well, all that is coming back soon, as a glamurous, modern remake. Or so Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment promises at least.

I’ve added the trailer down below, so you can get a grasp on what things should look like.

The game is being developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and will combine elements from the original game with more modern-day action-RPG gameplay. Four characters have been announced: the melee-oriented Warrior, a Wizard who – well duh – employs magic, the Valkyrie who is supposed to carry an entire army’s worth of weaponry and the Elf, a character that favours speed over brawn.

According to Warner Bros., the game will dump you into dungeons filled with classic monsters and power ups that will unlock pathways and empower players.

Worth noting is that this new rendition of Gauntlet heralds the arrival of WB Games Vault, a new platform that, over time, should re-introduce more classic IP’s from both Warner Bros.’s and Midway’s portfolio.

Interested? Gauntlet should release this summer on PC, through Steam, with full support for SteamOS and Steam Machines. And that’s the real good news here folks, that there seems to be actual outspoken support from publishers for Valve’s hybrid boxes. Enjoy the trailer!

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