Get Packed: Couch Chaos release announced for Nintendo Switch

Get Packed: Couch Chaos release announced for Nintendo Switch

Coatsink has announced the release of Moonshine Studio’s couch co-op removal game, Get Packed: Couch Chaos on Nintendo Switch.

Get Packed: Couch Chaos is a local couch co-op removals game where you and some local friends need to take care of the hostile eviction when a greedy salt mining company has taken over Ditchlington. As the only moving company, Last Ditch Removals, the company you work for, is tasked with evicting everyone from their houses including all their stuff. Get ready for some hilarious co-op action while snatching people’s stuff, throwing it in your truck, and moving on to the next house while leaving a trail of explosions, destruction, and debris behind!

The original Get Packed launched in April of 2020 and has since been expanded with the new Get Packed: Fully Loaded. All the content from previous editions is now available on the Nintendo Switch in this brand-new version.

Check out the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below this post.

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