Get Packed: Fully Loaded – Review
Follow Genre: Party, Arcade
Developer: Coatsink
Publisher: Moonshine Studios, Coatsink
Platform: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5
Tested on: PC

Get Packed: Fully Loaded – Review

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Good: Fun variation in levels, Tries to incorporate a fun story
Bad: Very annoying and awkward controls, Some mechanics do not get explained at all, Light on content
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The original Get Packed and Team17’s Moving Out were released at nearly the same time, so it’s hard to actually know which company got inspired by the other, but it’s clear that both games are trying to emulate the same thing, albeit with their own original twists. In Moving Out, it was all about removing the stuff from your client’s house, hopefully reaching its next destination safely. The term ‘removing’ can be looked at quite broadly here, as you simply had to get all the items out of the house, even if it meant destroying some other items in the process, or shattering windows, etc. In Get Packed, the objective is actually to get most items out, intact, without damaging the property (except when playing the Destruction mode). Now, the Fully Loaded version has hit Steam for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The original version was only released on Google Stadia.


Ditchlington has always been a quiet community, where regular people enjoy their very regular lives. Sadly, this perfect way of living comes to an end, when the town is purchased by Salt CORP, a company only interested in gaining more wealth. Due to them now owning the town, the inhabitants of the little backwater place are being forcefully evicted. This is where a team of four like-minded people comes in, as they open up their own moving business. This eventually turns into something more dangerous and risky, but for the most part, it’s all about getting back at Salt CORP, as well as help people in need move their property.

Honestly, the story content in this game is quite charming and nicely presented. It’s fun to have an overarching plot for a game such as this, and we can only commend the developers on how they crafted the narrative for this short party experience.


Graphically the game is somewhat of a mixed bag. The overall aesthetics are quite okay, but they lack polish and look a bit rough around the edges at times. We did love the variety in the different levels, but overall things looked a bit too simplistic for a current-gen release. The main thing we didn’t really like are the different characters’ facial animations, as they felt a bit off-putting for the lighthearted experience that is this game. Nonetheless, the stages do offer a lot of items to haul and drag around, which is certainly a plus for a title such as this.


The game does have a fairly upbeat and engaging soundtrack, but not immediately something that will linger in your head for days after your gaming sessions. The sound effects suffice for what is going on, and the gibberish the different characters speak is also a nice lighthearted touch. The narrator, however, truly stands out in this experience, and he portrays the story portion of the game in a very pleasant fashion.


Get Packed: Fully Loaded is an upgraded version of the 2020 game, that was only released on Google Stadia. The new version includes extra levels, prolonging the authentic party gameplay the game has on offer. Those who know of Team17’s Moving Out will immediately spot the similarities between the two, perhaps even suggesting that Moving Out is a bit more attractive and polished as a whole. In some cases, these remarks may be right, but both games actually present you with opposite scenarios. In Team17’s party game you had to remove all items from the property, by all means necessary, even if damage to items and property was caused. In Get Packed: Fully Loaded, however, you’ll have to do your best to remove all the client’s property safe and unscathed, also leaving the actual building intact. Damages will be deducted from your score, and it’s actually quite hard to get max scores on each of the levels in this short-but-sweet title. There are of course other modes available. One allows you to do as much damage as possible, but you can also opt for the time attack or versus modes.

While the overall experience is quite good and very reminiscent of other party games that have been recently released, the game is held back by its very wonky and inaccurate controls. In Moving Out the controls also lacked precision, but here, it feels like you’re absolutely never in control of your own actions, even grabbing onto items is an entire challenge in itself. More than often, your character does the exact opposite of what you had in mind, and this can be funny at first, but it also gets annoying and tedious just as quickly. Add the fact that the game doesn’t offer clear explanations on how certain items and mechanics work, and you’ll find yourself equally amused as annoyed throughout the entirety of this short experience.


Get Packed: Fully Loaded is a fun party experience that will certainly amuse fans of Moving Out. The game is mainly held back by its limited content and its very inaccurate and clunky controls. The visual style might look a bit simplistic, but it suits the settings and goes hand in hand with the comic book-like cinematic in-between the chapters. Overall the game could use a bit of extra polishing, some more meat on its bones, and better controls; and then you’ll have yourself a very good party game that is easily able to compete with many of the recently released ‘greats’ out there.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Get Packed: Fully Loaded - Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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