Get ready to dive yet again into the Commodore 64

Get ready to dive yet again into the Commodore 64

After the first edition, it was only a matter of time before a second book was published. The  ‘Commodore 64: a Visual Commpendium’  has another whopping 260 pages full of new content and visuals. You can get a hardback format or a softback version with only the newest additions, depending if you already have the first version or not.

The original book is one of our top selling lines of all time and the books that have been created by Bitmap Books since then have continued to increase in quality. I think now is the perfect time to revisit the original classic and all of the experience that has been learned since the original has been expertly crafted into this new edition
– Andy Pearson

If you’re looking for a great gift or just want to spoil yourself, this certainly is something to reconsider.

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