Ghost Games introduces Need for Speed’s ‘Five Ways to Play’

Ghost Games introduces Need for Speed’s ‘Five Ways to Play’

It is clear Ghost Games has been working to create the most extreme Need for Speed experience as of yet. Today the EA-studio announced the fascinating and innovating gameplay that is to make this happen in five different game modes that lead you through the game. Earn the respect of various heroes of the modern car and racing culture and build onto your own reputation to become an icon yourself.


The ‘Five Ways to Play’ featured in the new Need for Speed are:

  • Speed: high velocity, maximum kicks, full throttle. Be sure to keep a cool head and that foot on the gas pedal
  • Style: let them remember your name while you drift through curves with the ultimate precision
  • Build: Search for visual perfection through building, personalising and tuning
  • Crew: Drive with your team and trust your mates and the ensuing chaos
  • Outlaw: Challenge the police, but don’t let yourself get caught


Need for Speed will be released November 2015 on Origin for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game will furthermore feature iconic cars, popular after-market brands, performance tuning and personalised driving behaviour. Watch the official E3 trailer below.

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