Girl Fight – Review
Follow Genre: Fighting
Developer: Kung Fu Factory
Publisher: Majesco Games
Platform: 360, PS3

Girl Fight – Review

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Even though the summer has passed and the weather is getting chilly, we might have something to warm yourselves with. Girl Fight, a fighting game that has hit the digital shelves might fulfill a fantasy or two when it comes to girl on girl fights but might just lack a little bit of ‘clothes’.



There is hardly no to no storyline that Girl Fight has to offer, except for the fact you’ll be battling other female fighters to escape the clutches of the ‘foundation’. Who or what the foundation is something that you’ll probably never know. All that’s pretty clear is that all of the fighters available to you are able to choose a set of ‘Psi powers’ which makes them fighters in this so called foundation. The game scatters bits and pieces of information that seem to be used for more than one of the characters the game has to offer.

If you’re looking for some extra story content you’d might want to check out the character bio’s which can be unlocked with the credits you earn when playing. The Bio’s might be a decent amount of reading but aren’t half that bad either.

Girl Fight doesn’t really have such a thick plot and might lack a little ‘coverage’, it is still brought to you in a decent way. The mysterious voice that talks to you between fights is quite appealing and kind of leaves you wanting more.



For a game that’s only available through download, Girl Fight has some mean fighting music. The game gets you pumped out to fight it out with the femme fatals. As far as the music the goes there are no real complaints.

Voice acting is sadly something the game lacks, outside of the mysterious voice from the foundation, not that much is given to you. You’ll enjoy some pretty standard punching and kicking sounds and that’s pretty much all.


Whilst the graphics aren’t top notch they surely aren’t all too bad either. You will never get the impression it’s a game that tests the capabilities of your console but for a download game it’s actually fairly well done.

The environments in which you fight might feel quite empty, the back grounds are done in a great way nonetheless. The game tickles your senses but sadly does only that.

Girl Fight has a small cast of fighters but most of them look quite appealing but might lack a little detail. Each fighter is brought to you with its own unique look but then again a little lack of personality.

In the end the graphical department of the game kind of feels ‘so-so’.



Girl Fight is one of those fighting games that only focuses on the fighting aspect of the game and not all the extra’s around it. The game is pretty bare bones when it comes to extra game modes, special modes or character customization and so on. The essence is fighting and in the end that’s all that counts.

Fighting in the game is also as basic as it can get but also complex enough for you to actually spend a lot of time mastering all of the moves and combo’s of the game. Whilst you will only use 2 buttons for attacking purposes a grab and a block button, the combinations you’re able to make aren’t to be underestimated. You’ll be able to pull of some fancy moves and tactical insight and timing are something that will keep you alive in this game.

Outside of the conventional fighting moves this game has to offer, Girl Fight also makes use of Psi powers, which are basically power ups for your characters, like many other games have super moves and so on.  These Psi powers can be activated when you’ve filled up your psi bars during the fight. In the end these Psi powers will give you slight advantages for you to either increase your lead or turn the tide when faced with a perilous situation. At the beginning of the game you’ll only have about four Psi power at your disposal, but as you progress you’re able to unlock more and more powers which also become a tad more powerful as well.


For those who didn’t satisfy their needs with the arcade mode are able to enter some girl fights online and see who’s claws are the sharpest. If this doesn’t suit your fancy either you’d might want to consider saving up enough credits to unlock all the extra Psi power, bio pages and even art work that might just get you a wee bit excited. The game would not be called Girl Fight if it weren’t for some sexy art work to support it. Of course, seeing this is not a selling point of the game there will still be a lot of gamers who want that little ‘extra’.


Girl Fight might be an ideal solution for those who want to explore the boundaries of their fantasies in the form of a game. Whilst the gameplay is actually good, everything around it kind of feels lacking when it comes to details. For those who want a game that’s all about the gameplay, sexy women and simply a fighter true to the genre might want to check this one out.

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Rating: 7.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Girl Fight - Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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