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Up until a few years, the main go-to ‘energy’ drinks were probably Red Bull and Monster, and some off-brand competitors that basically mimicked the formula of the aforementioned two brands. While it seemed like these two drinks would reign supreme for a long time to come, more and more other brands are trying to do their own thing to provide gamers with great alternatives. One of these newer brands is Yes Mate Drinks LTD which produces the Go Mate line of products. For a short first impression, we were given the chance to try out their Awake and Relax products.

We’ll just barge in and say that even with the different ingredients present in both drinks, we found the overall taste quite similar. Awake does have a slightly stronger kick while Relax is a bit softer. Overall you’re getting the taste of a cooled tea beverage, which is something you either love or hate. If you’re not fond of tea drinks such as this, we doubt this one will win you over. If you do, however, quite enjoy a fruity (cold) tea, then this one will probably hit all the right notes. Even though Awake didn’t make us jump and bounce around the house, we did feel a bit of difference in our alertness and our overall awakeness, without having to go through the sugary experience of traditional energy drinks. Relax has the right undertone to make you wind down, but, of course, this is not a product that will help you sleep a lot better if this is something you actively struggle with.

For our short test several people involved with our platform were able to try out Awake and Relax, and what we described above is basically the general consensus. Those who don’t really like tea and are more prone to constantly drink sugary drinks were a bit more moderate when it came to their impressions, while those who are already familiar with drinks such as these very much enjoyed them. Those who were unfamiliar with similar drinks mostly still quite enjoyed what was being offered, but more as a one-off they would buy from time to time rather than an active replacement of other drinks. Nonetheless, the latter is also quite positive, as it will take you some time to get used to something new such as this. The main positive remarks here were the overall good taste and the fact that the drink didn’t taste too sugary, which was a nice change of pace.

All in all, we see a bright future ahead for the Go Mate lineup of drinks, if they are able to break through in more and more countries. The brand has a decent formula that offers a nice alternative to traditional sugary drinks. While only a handful of opinions from our staff do not mean that this is going to be the next best thing, we do suggest trying this one out for yourself.

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