God-like game The Mims Beginning available on Steam Early Access

God-like game The Mims Beginning available on Steam Early Access

After three years of sweat and tears from the development team, the god-like game The Mims Beginning has finally released on Steam as an Early Access game earlier this year. The Mims Beginning is a debut effort from Squatting Penguins but only time will tell if their first try will be successful.

Since the game is a god-like video game, it allows you to build structures, plant vegetation and breed animals as you take care of your precious Mims. Disaster can come in many forms: mother nature but monsters will also roam your floating villages from time to time. You’ll need to take care of your minions as you predict the future, reveal secrets. All while you use divine PSI powers to lead your Mims on their epic quest during their travels.

The game offers ten playable levels plus two levels of prologue. This is enough content to keep a player busy for 12 to 20 hours, depending on experience and whether or not you’d go for optional content. New levels, additional side missions and brand new enemies will be added with upcoming updates, only increasing the already large content.

Content aside, the game offers plenty of features with only more features to be added in the future. Here’s a list of current and future features:

  • God simulation
  • Story mode
  • Colony expansion
  • Autonomous characters
  • Technology research
  • Creating & upgrading structures
  • Various species of plants with different ways of yielding fruit
  • Livestock farming & trading
  • Skill acquirement by Mims
  • Special divine powers at player’s disposal
  • Protecting colony from wildlife predators and vermin
  • Natural disasters (e.g. meteor shower, acid rains, infections and more)
  • Secrets to be found across numerous islands
  • Unique monsters (bosses)
  • Real Time Physics
  • Planting your own fruit crops
  • Timeline mechanic allowing to predict future events
  • Smell sensor – excessive odor will attract pests and predators
  • Varied floating islands with many unusual adventures
  • Different landscapes and weather conditions

Planned features:

  • Tweaking & balancing of gameplay
  • Survival/Free mode
  • New types of enemies
  • Additional natural disasters
  • New missions – full version is planned to contain around 20
  • Side objectives implemented into missions
  • Easter eggs
  • Game optimization
  • New language versions

The Mims Beginning is available on Steam for a price of 19.99 $ USD or its European equivalent 16.99 Euro. The game can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Check out the Steam Early Access page of the game if you’re not yet convinced by its visual cleverness.

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