Grab Dying Light for free on Epic Games this week!

Grab Dying Light for free on Epic Games this week!

Not an April fool’s joke: if you log in this week into Epic Games then you can claim this highly regarded game for absolutely nothing. Starting from April 6 until next Thursday April 13 you can become the owner of Dying Light Enhanced Edition. Be sure to tell your friends because this game is best enjoyed with someone to hold your six. Back in the day we had our hands on the base game and on the DLC that came out later, also recently the successor Dying Light 2.

Fight for survival in a game that feels like a blend between Assassins Creed and Dead Island. You are placed inside a city overrun by zombies and you must work your way up in a crew to ensure a roof above your head. Fight countless zombies and other abominations with weapons found or crafted yourself. Staying on the ground is dangerous so jump, vault and climb your way to safety and make sure you return inside before darkness. Don’t worry, you aren’t in this mess alone. Invite a few friends to explore the city together, find some cool stuff and make an absolute mess out there. Not only is the first-person action amazing but the game also brings forth a pretty exciting storyline for you to follow. Complete many missions for the faction and gain their trust while you try your best to solve the zombie infestation that is taking the lives of many innocent civilians.

A free game not good enough? Well if you follow this link then you can get an extra Welcome Pack from Techland to make your stay in Harran much more pleasant.

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