Grand Kingdom Class Trailer

Grand Kingdom Class Trailer

Today NIS America has released the Grand Kingdom Class trailer. The trailer introduces 5 new mercenary classes to Grand Kingdom. The 5 new classes are listed below.

  • Noble

A unit that uses a sword to unleash consecutive strikes against the enemy. Their offensive skills allow them to attack whole groups of enemies. However, a Noble forgoes the use of a shield in exchange for increased combat potential, so situation awareness is especially important to her.

  • Valkyrie

A unit that has unsurpassed combo potential, but requires skill to use effectively. Knowing when and how to use her skills is the key to unleashing the Valkyrie’s true power.

  • Archer

A unit that fires a flurry of arrows on the battlefield with acrobatic grace and finesse.  Additionally, the Archer specializes in providing her allies with essential support.

  • Dark Knight

A unit that dual-wields blades and utilizes dark magic to bring shame to his opponents. Though its defences are low, a Dark Knight’s best defence is a good offense. Their all-out fighting style renders enemies unable to fight back as the battle comes to a swift end.

  • Paladin

A unit that prides himself on his insurmountable defences, forcing his way to the front line with heavy, lumbering steps. A better front-line defender than attacker, when used properly a Paladin can help overcome any desperate situation.

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