Gremlin In The Works book collection released!

Gremlin In The Works book collection released!

Retro gaming fans rejoice, a two part book collection that details the rise and fall of seminal Sheffield based games studio Gremlin Graphics has been released. The books cover every little detail of the creation and rise to success of the company, and feature interviews from some of its key members. Expect to see the early favourites, back when the game industry was just beginning to blossom, like Monty Mole, Jack The Nipper and Thing On A Spring, as well the ground-breaking racing and sports games that once gave EA sports a run for their money.unnamed2Gremlin In The Works provides a valuable insight into the early years of the videogame industry and the origins of a legendary British gaming studio. Listen to first hand accounts about creating classics, directly from the programmers and artists who made them.

  • Contains two books with over 570 combined pages
  • Officially endorsed by founder Ian Stewart
  • Features Interviews with key members such as Chris Kerry, Ben Daglish and Greg Holmes
  • Filled with game imagery, memorabilia and archive material such as old letters, business cards, staff photos
  • A detailed look at one of Sheffield’s biggest gaming studios

Gremlin in The Works is available to order now

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