GTA V, a party for all

GTA V, a party for all

GTA V will hit the shelves coming monday and of course this will not go unnoticed. The game might be one of those games that might become a game of the year after only a few days.

Worldwide shops will open their doors at nighttime just to provide everyone with the game upon release.

Belgium is doing their best as well when it comes to events. A GTA shop in Brussels will open its doors just for the game itself. You will be able to enter the shop around 18:00 to receive a decent amount of goodies and purchase GTA merchandise as well as buying the game at midnight.

If Brussels is a tad too far for you, the Game Mania store in Merksem will provide you with a lot of festivities as well. You’ll be able to enjoy special DJ-sets and babes that go well with the festivities.

Be sure to check your area for fun GTA V events!

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