Guardians of the Galaxy #007 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Skottie Young
Illustrations: Filipe Andrade, Jake Parker
Coloring: Jean-François Beaulieu
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Guardians of the Galaxy #007 – Comic Book Review

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The last few issues of Guardians of the Galaxy have been revolving around Rocket and his escapades, and while the previous story arc has been rounded up, Rocket will still steal the show in the following omnibus, albeit with his best friend Groot by his side. This time the iconic duo find themselves in a snow covered planet in a rather dire situation, one that might even put the regenerating tree’s life in danger. We were looking forward to see if Rocket learned anything from his previous adventure.

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Rocket and Groot crash-landed on the planet Fron, which is completely covered in snow and thus subzero temperatures are pretty much everything their current environment has to offer. As a last resort, Rocket chopped off Groot’s arm as firewood, to at least survive for a bit longer. When the one-armed Groot and Rocket are attacked by feral creatures, Groot gets injured, but they are saved by a mysterious figure, who deals with the beasts with only one swing of her weapon. While Rocket Raccoon initially doesn’t think that much of Groot’s injuries, as he can regenerate if he so desires, it becomes clear that the venom of the beasts is affecting his regenerative capabilities and thus Groot’s only chance of survival are actually to be found in a perilous cave, where the queen of all beasts resides.

The second story portion of this omnibus will situate itself in the future, namely 2046, where our Earth is being torn about by a gigantic Groot, who seems to have lost all his compassion for mankind. The only one who might be able to stop the rampaging giant is Rocket, but he and Groot have parted ways a long time ago.

Overall the first story arc in this bundle goes at a fairly normal pace, where you’ll get more than enough information to process the things to come, but you’ll also get a proper amount of action, making sure the story never gets dull. The second portion is a bit more chaotic and rapid, as you’ll hardly get any information to work with, but Skottie Young does a great job in building up the suspense in both storylines.

The first two issues bundled in this omnibus have rather ‘realistic’ and serious illustrations, while the last issue has a more comical approach, while staying true to a rather serious story. You’ll be treated to fairly dim and dark colors in the first part of this album, while the last portion is lighter, more colorful and more in sync with the style used for that segment.


Guardians of the Galaxy #007 has once again put Rocket in the lead of the story arc, and truth be told, we are still loving it. It’s clear that the tiny raccoon has a lot in store for us, and that certain parts of his ‘saga’ are only just beginning. We are curious to see what the next album will bring us, and if Rocket will still have his time to shine even brighter.

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Guardians of the Galaxy #007 – Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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