Guild Esports Unveiled with David Beckham as co-owner

Guild Esports Unveiled with David Beckham as co-owner

Esports company, Guild esports, has announced its global launch with David Beckham as a co-owner. David Beckham’s experience is what the company is banking on in assembling and mentoring teams.  The guild established a new management team that will see Carleton Curtis serve as the executive chairman of the company.  According to the esports press report, the company is looking forward to penetrating the glowing global Esports market.

According to the release, the scout will identify the ablest players to nurture and help them maximize their potential. The expansion comes as the esports market continues getting closer to the online sports betting world more than ever.

To begin with, it will enter in Fifa, Fortnite, and rocket leagues. Fergus Purcell was appointed to develop the company’s branding. The reason behind his selection is that he has the experience, and he is known for his work streetwear brand palace and skates.

Throughout his career, David Beckham has been lucky to work with at the top of their game. He has seen the dedication and passion that the players have to work at that level.  Beckham said that esports has the vision to set new standards, and support the players into the future. He is looking forward to nurturing and encouraging young talent through the academy the guild academy system.

Guild esports is looking forward to developing its strategy to take full advantage of the world’s rapid growth of international esports.  The company plans to build talent through its London headquarters.

To accomplish this, it will follow the conventional academy model, where leading luminaries in the world of esports will coach the most promising players. A team of scouts will be used to recruit potential players.

Below is the team behind the guild esports.

David Beckham has an excellent track record when it comes to professional soccer. He has won a lot of trophies playing as a midfielder for world-class soccer in teams like Manchester united and real Madrid. He is also an ambassador in UNICEF  and even a businessman.

Right now, he is the president and co-owner of the Inter Miami professional club and also the co-owner of Salford City FC. In addition to that, he has several video games, which include: soccer and go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island. He was also the brand ambassador for EA sports active 2.

His involvement in the launch of the guild creates a powerful opportunity to bring out the best in professional sports and further strengthen this evolving sport.

Chairmancarlton Curtis is the brains behind the call of duty leagues and the overwatch league. He had senior roles at Redbull and Activision blizzard before joining guild esports.

David Beckham, though not the first soccer star to get into esports, carries a lot of weight. The traditional sports and esports continue to move close together. That’s something we love to see. Everyone is eagerly waiting for scouting of top players in esports. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to esports. Regardless of the expectations, it is a very brilliant idea and hopes it will raise future esports stars.

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