GUNDAM EVOLUTION second season will start November 29th

GUNDAM EVOLUTION second season will start November 29th

The first season of the first free-to-play hero shooter in the GUNDAM franchise, GUNDAM EVOLUTION, is coming to an end. Starting on November 29th, the second season will start for PC players and there is also great news for console gamers. On December 1st the game will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This new season will take two months and introduces improvements to the matchmaking system, updates to the ranked competition, new items, the addition of Achievements, the PC version will get a spectator mode and much more.

GUNDAM EVOLUTION is a team-based FPS where two teams of six players take on each other in various adrenaline-inducing modes. There are in total three to choose from, objective-based Point Capture, Domination and Destruction. In Point Capture, you will fight in epic battles to control one single point on the map, like King of the Hill. Domination is more based on teamwork where three different points must be held to score the most points, like in most FPS games. Lastly, there is Destruction, a fast-paced Search and Destroy type of mode where one team must protect the objectives while the other team tries to destroy them.

Both teams will need offensive and defensive strategies if they want to come out victorious. Play as one of the many known heroes from the franchise and use their broad range of weaponry to take out your opponents. Playing the game in first-person really takes the franchise to the next level as this hasn’t been seen before. Each character has their own unique abilities, loadout and stats so find your preferred setup and go out and kick some robot butt.

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