Habboween Event Announced!


Developer and publisher Sulake has announced that Habbo is going to be a spooky place this October! Summoning Yōkai spirits of Japan and dancing with the dead is only the beginning of this Habboween adventure that is now live and awaits you! 


Key features:

  • A whole new event surrounding spirits and ghosts of East Asia in a Japanese-inspired Hallloween event
  • New, limited edition rares, furni, clothing items, and bundles to be purchased and unlocked during the event
  • Mini-games centered around Nary, a mysterious ghostly princess, and several yōkai, a class of supernatural entities and spirits from Japanese folklore
  • Unlock new badges and a special limited crafting ingredient called Magatama, for the purification of the yōkai.

For more about the event make sure to check out the following link.

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