Halo 3 now available for PC

Halo 3 now available for PC

Today, 343 Industries has announced on Xbox Wire that the legendary Halo 3 has now been added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC which makes the game now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta), Microsoft Store and Steam.

In this last part of the Halo-trilogy, the Master Chief returns to earth to reveal an old secret. The conflict between the Covenant, the Flood, and humanity reaches an epic climax. Enjoy the legendary multiplayer mode with maps suited for 24 players and use the Forge to create customized maps while you can record your own gameplay footage via the Theater.

Halo 3 looks better than ever with 4K UHD support and a minimum of 60 frames per second. In this version, players can also tweak their experience by adjusting a big amount of settings which includes settings for your mouse and keyboard, Ultrawide screen support, FOV-options, and a lot more.

You can check out Xbox Wire or Halo Waypoint for more info on this new release.

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