Hamburg Games Conference 2021 concluded

Hamburg Games Conference 2021 concluded

The Hamburg Games Conference 2021 co-hosted by Gamecity Hamburg and GRAEF Rechtsanwälte has come to an end with a record-breaking attendance in its first ever digital version.

HGC 2021 took place on a virtual cruise ship divided into decks where attendees could conduct meetings, tour around over 50 exhibitor booths, participate in a speed-dating networking session and watched various industry experts do the talking. In total, 463 meetings were booked through the MeetToMatch system with over 2000 video calls because many additional calls came in while meetings were already in progress. The average attendee spent around four and a half hours on board of this virtual cruise ship.

The Games Conference Showcase Award of $5000 was won by an indie studio for the first time. Off the Beaten Track was the lucky studio that took hold of the prize money with their narrative adventure game, The Cost of Recovery, which sets its players in the shoes of four protagonists on a journey when suddenly, one of them suffers a stroke.

The Hamburg Games Conference will be returning in the first quarter of 2022. Let’s hope it can then be a live event again with some additions of this successful event! The KPI Report of the HGC 2021 can be watched below this post.

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