Thrustmaster shows off a more wallet-friendly racing wheel with big feedback


During the 2022 Paris Motor Show, Thrustmaster presented a new addition to their selection of racing wheels. The T128 is, in a way, a cheaper version of the already existing T248. Like the T248, the T128 also uses the HYBRID DRIVE Force Feedback technology, a hybrid motor system that offers 20% more power than T150 and TMX racing wheels. A system like that can make you feel all the bumps in the road, which guarantees extra credibility and fun.

Switching gears as well as using the pedals is done with magnetic technology, which is more accurate and offers a quick response rate that only gives about a 30MS delay. The T128 also has a live LED display that shows four different colors indicating how much RPM you are driving, which can make it fun and immersive to look at your steering wheel every now and then. As a bonus, you don’t need to buy games as from the Xbox/PC or PlayStation/PC version, the Xbox/PC version comes with 1 free month of Gaming Pass Ultimate. This gives you instant access to multiple racing titles.

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