Hands-on: TIM: The Immortal Mystics

Hands-on: TIM: The Immortal Mystics

A couple of days ago we got a chance to play a new MOBA game. This MOBA named The Immortal Mystics, or TIM for short, is made by a studio named Mindiff and is set to be released somewhere in the summer of 2021. One of the biggest criticisms the developers have on other MOBA games is that, while enjoyable, the games often take too long. This is why TIM has three different maps for different gameplay times, where this time is ranging anywhere between about five and thirty minutes.

In a regular MOBA, you often find “lanes”, which are roads where players fight each other and earn money by killing minions that go from one team’s base to another. Any area between those lanes is often called the “jungle”. While TIM partially based its maps on other MOBA games for sure, it also feels a lot more compact with more to do. While obviously, we don’t know the fine details about each and every jungle monster yet, they are numerous and easy to reach. This makes it that TIM is in your face a lot of the time. You don’t have a lot of room to breathe, because something is always going on. The fact you can even spend small amounts of your hard-earned gold on portals to get into the fight faster makes this even more apparent.

TIM sure has some passion going on, as we clearly heard from the developers. This passion was also visible in the game. Sadly, not everything feels right just yet. While the fights and mechanics are there, the pace often feels off. At least a few champions seem to be based on existing game characters too much, and they all more or less have the same fighting pace, making them less unique. Dashing with a skill feels more like it would suit an old-school RuneScape setting; outdated and determined by your internet connection. There’s simply a lot of finetuning to do to make the MOBA really feel like it’s anywhere able to compete with mechanics and graphics from the big ones.

That being said, because of the passion put into the project, TIM also has some unique ideas and concepts that possibly could be worth the long road to a full release with future updates. Aside from items that enhance your champion’s skills and stats, TIM also uses something that could be seen as a “group ability”. You have different elements (fire, air, water, earth) that have different effects (damage, healing) and each champion can combine these skill elements to create something larger. While we found these mechanics also still lacking a bit in individual deployability, it’s an interesting idea when it would apply to fast-paced gameplay that TIM needs to grow to. All the basic elements are there for a good MOBA game, but TIM needs to re-evaluate with an honest view what it has developed so far. There’s general finetuning to be done, and perhaps even some reworks or scrapped elements in the future. Accessibility is also clearly a thing, where the HUD will need an overhaul with simplified instructions for beginners when there are no developers to hold your hand, but those things would surely, probably, be on the planning anyway.

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