Headphone Types: Which One Is The Right For You

Having the right headphone assures you of getting quality sound. Going for quality brands makes your ear’s health well-covered. Health experts advise on the use of earphones and headsets which produce quality sound. When you head to the market, you will find options on what you can buy. Use the best criteria in going about the selection.

There are a number of types of headphones that you have a chance of choosing from. Go for the one suiting your individual needs. Before making a conclusive decision on what to buy, get all the relevant information you need on each. It helps you in understanding the pros and cons of the types. Below is a guide to the several types of headphones.

Over-Ear Headphones

This type covers the whole ear hence its name. They are dominant in most markets due to the simplicity of usage. They come with some advantages such as exhibiting high comfortability. From the size, the manufacturing firms have the space to add more cushioning material to the ears. This provides extra comfort to the ear.

The sound quality is typically great. The sound engineers get the opportunity to include more parts that make the sound crisper. They also can do noise isolation. The foam lining and the positioning of the parts make the earphones shield any stray sound. This allows only your ears to hear. This makes this type a better option when in public settings.

On-Ear Headphones

This is a type that is put in the same category as the over-ear headsets. This is because of the fit or form around the ears. They tend to be much smaller. Unlike the over-ear which covers the ears, this type sits on them. In the tech world, there are called supra-aural headphones. Many people like them due to their portability. This comes from their physical attributes of being smaller in size. Most are relatively lighter as well.

On-ear headsets come in different styles. Due to their compact size, it is possible for the developers who come up with different designs and styles. As a buyer, it offers you the diversity to choose from a variety. They also help in keeping the eardrum healthy due to the quality sound. People prefer them for outdoor activities as they are safer. This also applies to the bone conduction headphones as well. Be accurate with your choice such that the choice you make will suit your needs well.

Closed-Back Headphones

This type has large enclosures or shells. The design is aimed at channeling all the sound in a unidirectional manner into the ears. Since the pioneering design in 1920, new advancements have taken place slowly. Most of the structures, however, are the same. Its structural design allows it to achieve a lot of noise isolation.

This means that there is no sound leak into the surrounding. The pros act as the main difference between it and the open-back headphones. The main purpose of the shells is to block the sound from going in different directions. If you are looking for something to listen to while traveling, then this ought to be your option.

It provides better bass. It is almost impossible to separate the bass tone from the music lovers. What people dislike, however, is the extreme one that irritates the eardrum. Closed-back headphones normally compress the air inside which makes the bass come out with much quality. They are, therefore, a perfect choice for the recording studios. The recording artist can continue with his or her work without experiencing distractions.

Open-Back Headphones

They differ from the closed-back headsets since the ear cups are open. This allows the air to flow. It implies that sound can easily travel in two directions. It comes with several benefits as well. The audiophile-level sound quality is high. For the people who do not like listening to music in a claustrophobic manner, then this becomes a proper solution.

It also allows breathability. The airflow tends to reduce the chances of skin around the ears getting sweaty. This makes it possible for the headsets to be used outdoors or in strenuous activities such as workouts. It also encourages many people to listen to music for long hours. This is a luxury many people long for but hardly find. The main drawback is the leaking of sound due to lack of the earcups. It implies that they are not suitable for use in quiet public setups such as in the library.

In the market, there are various types of headphones. People tend to have different preferences on what to buy. The decision on the type to go for ought to be guided by both information and personal preferences. Each category of the headset comes with its pros and cons.

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