Hearthstone: Festival of Legends Mini-Set, Audiopocalypse

A few months ago we delved into the Festival of Legends expansion for Hearthstone, and even though it had been ages since we played, we fell in love with what the game had to offer once again. Sadly, in our ever-growing backlog of games, it’s always a challenge to simply sit down and unwind with something more casual. Don’t get us wrong, Hearthstone isn’t all too casual, but it’s quite relaxing to browse through your collection of cards while making new decks and trying them out online. We did, however, get our butt kicked over and over again, but even so, winning a match now and then really got the adrenaline flowing. This time we’re simply discussing the Mini-Set for Festival of Legends called Audiopocalypse.

Once again, if you’ve stuck with the game for this long, you pretty much know what to expect from these sets, but Blizzard does manage to create entertaining new additions to their ten-year-old digital card game. The main additions to this set are the new Remixed cards and the Dual-Class cards. The Remixed cards are a finicky bunch, but they’re fun to mess around with. These so-called Remixed cards have a shifting effect when they remain in your hand. This means that for every turn that passes, they’ll get a different effect. Sometimes it may be useful to only play these cards until you get the desired effect, but waiting too long may cause it to shift to something else. It’s a bit of a gamble, but we found the addition of these cards amusing nonetheless.

The Dual-Class cards are a bit more straightforward, as these are simply cards that work for two classes, rather than just one. This also creates interesting new builds, as you may be weary to try out new classes for your decks. These cards create the perfect incentive to mix and match cards you know from one deck and then use them for another class, provided they are Dual-Class cards of course. While this isn’t the most groundbreaking addition, it does again open up the game and it allows for a lot more deck builds. We do still struggle to build a deck from time to time, but experimenting is half the fun here. Hearthstone is one of those games that you may not touch for a long time, but you’ll still get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it when revisiting the game.

This Mini-Set’s price point isn’t too bad, as it would come at the cost of around three actual booster packs from physical card games, but at least here you know what you’re getting. The All-Golden bundle would set you back a lot more, and this is purely a cosmetic upgrade from the normal version. We very much found the normal bundle worth its asking price, even if not all cards actually ended up being used in our more recent builds. These Mini-Sets are often a hit-or-miss kind of affair, but in this case, we did very much enjoy the overall package. This might also be thanks to the fact that we loved the quality of the Festival of Legends main set, and this is just that small cherry on top. As always, when playing games such as this, keep your budget in mind, as buying extra packs is always tempting. Even so, if you wish to know exactly what cards you’re getting, and you enjoyed the Festival of Legends set, then we suggest looking into this one. While this set will not immediately shake up the game’s current meta, it does have a few interesting cards that may allow you to come out on top.

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