Hearthstone: Festival of Legends

Hearthstone: Festival of Legends

Hearthstone is nearing in on its tenth birthday and that’s a commendable feat for a digital card game. We understand the charm and allure of collecting physical cards for your favorite card games but having a digital game to evoke the same feeling is rather impressive. It seems that Blizzard’s digital TCG is still going strong and it just expanded upon its impressive library of cards with a new expansion, Festival of Legends. This expansion brings a lot of themed cards to the mix, and we were rather impressed by this new collection. As there is little point in reviewing a game such as this, we’ll just give a short rundown of our experience with the new set.

For our impression of the set, we were lucky enough to open a few booster packs. While we are somewhat familiar with the game, as we have picked it up from time to time during the last few years, it was a while since we actively opened this many packs. Right off the bat, we loved the art of the Festival of Legends set, which revolves completely around ‘music’. All cards in the set have something to do with musicians or instruments. We see a lot of funny references on cards, such as a Mic Drop card for Rogues, a Paparazzi card for all classes, or a rather impressive-looking Disco Maul card for Paladins. You’ll be able to build new decks to your heart’s content, which is always a plus. We did quite enjoy messing around with different builds, and even though we did end up losing quite a few matches, it was that much more fun when we finally found builds that had a great synergy that eventually guided us to victory.

Finale is a new keyword in the set, and it allows for new strategies. Cards with the Finale keyword can unlock an extra ability if playing said card uses up all remaining mana. While these cards will of course still serve a purpose when you cannot spend all your mana on them, they can be useful if you save some of them to be played at just the right time to unlock their extra abilities.

On top of that, the Priest has also received a bit of an upgrade in this set. You’ll now have cards with the Overheal ability. This keyword is somewhat similar to Finale, so when a certain condition is met, your cards will gain new abilities. In this case, when minions are healed above their normal HP, they will gain new powers. Other cards can also benefit from this, such as Dreamboat, which gets extra attack power and defense when there are Overhealed minions on the field. This does give the Priest class a bit more of an edge.

In conclusion, if you’ve never stopped playing Hearthstone, we suppose that you’re already well on your way to mastering the new deck combos, but if you have not played the game in quite some time, there is quite a bit of new content to explore here. We do warn you, if you have not played in a long time, it might be quite difficult to get some wins when playing against actual opponents. This, however, makes those early wins all the more satisfying.

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