Hearthstone’s fourth game-menu button mystery resolved

Hearthstone’s fourth game-menu button mystery resolved

I’m sure you have been trying to figure out Hearthstone’s mystery for a while now, we all have been. What is that fourth game-menu button about? Finally we know the answer! Tavern Brawl is what the new game mode is called. Players will be able to battle other players or friends but in a special way. Different guidelines will be applied which can include playing with a specific special deck or certain restrictions when building a deck. You’ll have to have at least one level 20 hero to be able to participate though. There are also a couple of new heroes such as Thane and Magni Bronzebeard though you’ll have to purchase these separately from the in-game store. The new patch will also include the option to pre-select a specific card back for each of your decks.

Be sure to jump into the Tavern Brawl mode as soon as you can, as in the first couple of weeks you’ll be able to earn additional card packs.


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