Here’s Why Gamers Are Turning Their Attention to Fantasy Basketball

Here’s Why Gamers Are Turning Their Attention to Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball and general gaming may be different activities, but the people who play them have a lot in common. For one, both gaming and fantasy basketball entail elements of strategy and analysis, especially sports games in which the player is the manager.

Then there’s the general love of competition. Whether the person playing is a fantasy basketball fan or a gamer, they enjoy going up against others and trying to prove their own skills amongst all the competition out there.

Below is a look in a little more depth at fantasy basketball and gaming, including how gamers can develop a taste for fantasy basketball and why they might enjoy playing it.

How gamers can develop their taste for fantasy basketball

Gamers might be used to tapping away on their control pads, but fantasy basketball is a completely different style of playing. If you’re a gamer and fantasy basketball has caught your eye, here are some tips on getting more into fantasy basketball:

Follow the NBA

Before you get into fantasy basketball, you’ve got to appreciate the NBA itself. It’s a fast-moving association, with games almost every day, unlike the NFL in which there are maybe one or two games a week. But following the NBA and understanding the excitement NBA basketball generates is the first step; because this then generates enthusiasm for fantasy basketball.

Learn the rules of basketball and about the game

If you’re going to play any kind of game, you have to know the rules. Otherwise, you’ll be following games or making changes to your team without any real insight into what’s going on or why.

At the same time, as well as watching basketball, you should learn about the game itself. Learn about the different positions and their importance in the game. Understand the different strengths and weaknesses a player can have, and how they can affect their performance and the team’s overall performance.

A good way to learn about the game is to listen to podcasts and read blogs. There are plenty out there.


As daft as it sounds, you’ve got to show up. If you don’t get involved in fantasy basketball, you won’t enjoy it as much. The more you get into it, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of it. If your friends or family are participating in a fantasy league, accept any invitation to join (or ask, if they’ve not invited you). You’ll have more fun if you can share news and views and follow the action with people you know.

Why gamers will like fantasy basketball

If you like gaming, there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy fantasy basketball. Here are a few reasons why it won’t be long before you go from never having played fantasy basketball to being one of its biggest fans:

Fantasy basketball flows

One of the big attractions of basketball is that it flows, unlike some games, such as NFL football. The flow of the game allows players to really rack up the points in the fantasy basketball league. NBA players can play defensively and offensively, so they have more of a direct impact on the game, whereas in some sports, the players have a more limited influence because they’re playing in solely an offensive or a defensive position.

You don’t have to pledge all your loyalty to one club

In fantasy basketball, you don’t have to remain loyal to a single club. In fact, choosing players all from your favorite club in fantasy basketball can become your undoing in the league. You should be using your analytic skills, which you’ll have likely improved through your gaming, to choose the best players and build the most formidable team you can.

You can escape from your true-life team’s bad run

If you’re a fan of a certain team but they’re having a rough time on the courts in the real basketball world, you can distract yourself from it with some fantasy basketball. Die-hard fans really suffer when their team goes through a bad patch, and there’s nothing they can do about it, but managing a fantasy basketball team gives them a sense of control over something at least.

You might already have experience of building a team

If you’re a fan of sports games in your gaming, you might already have experience of building a team and of managing it. You’ll already be aware of some of the tactical adjustments you can make and, having seen them work in the game, have an idea of whether they can work in fantasy basketball too.

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