HERO Unit – Review
Follow Genre: Simulator
Developer: Jassim Albuarki
Publisher: Jassim Albuarki
Platform: Android, iOS
Tested On: Android

HERO Unit – Review

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Good: Many different endings. Not as easy as you think.
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Everyday emergency services around the world get hundreds and perhaps even thousands of calls ranging from people in danger to persons who require medical service and some who need an assisting officer for more trivial matters. It is up to the operator to calm down and help the individual in need, which means they need to possess strong communication skills because every answer counts to defuse a possible sticky situation. If you ever wanted to try this job out but don’t want to risk anything this is your chance with HERO Unit for mobile.



HERO Unit puts you in the shoes of a dispatcher that needs to help the callers firsthand, meaning the lives of these people are in your hands to a certain degree. Each case poses unique situations from a terrorist threat to domestic abuse and even a lost astronaut in space. After completing a mission you will be rewarded with a newspaper article to give more information about the incident. These articles vary on the outcome of your decisions albeit positive or negative. It is interesting to obtain the various newspaper articles for knowing how the intervention ended.


Mobile games have come a long way from being limited to a few pixels to 3D powerhouses that possess more graphical processing than the early consoles. The screen shows the conversation and possible answers, also other information or speech that is gathered externally in the call are displayed in other colors making this crystal clear and well done. The game itself is set in the known police color tints of blue, with the screen having a dark background; with a light text, which doesn’t stress your eyes, thus making it a great game to open in every type of situation. Each case has a picture and details of the caller displayed, this brings some more depth into the game. Menu layout is very simple and easy to navigate through.


It is hard to write about something that isn’t present. Yes the complete game is fully muted, only when switching menus a little bleep is heard. Overall it feels like a missed opportunity even though it is understandable that they did not incorporate a fully voiced game considering the many possible options the game presents. Nonetheless some sound cues or some background music would have been nice.


HERO Unit is a puzzle game that tests your social skills and wits in this multiple choice adventure. Every action has a reaction and you will need to evaluate each person. This means that some people will react better to answers than others (as is the case with an emergency and a caller’s emotions are all over the place) luckily after all the cases are completed you can replay them to get the various different endings unlocked, so you can collect all newspaper articles. The different options add a fun touch, creating an atmosphere that truly takes in account how you would resolve a situation, and perhaps even startle you that things don’t always go as expected.

On your screen you have the chat in the upper part and your responses in the lower part. If the text is going too slow you can skip ahead by pushing the arrows in the middle. As mentioned earlier that every moment counts, sometimes you don’t have time to chat around with the caller because their life is in danger or something bad is bound to happen. While keeping the situation under control it is in your best interest to memorize names and locations since a little error can mean life or death for the caller. Keep in mind that not everyone is a hero and it’s best to act cautious, however this can backfire in certain situations.


HERO Unit is a fun little game that lets you endure the harsh job of a dispatch officer. Each action has consequences and if you don’t react wisely, the lives of your callers could be at stake. Although initially not many cases are present, the wide array of endings makes up for the completionist under us, and the promise of the developers adding more cases in the future is certainly something to look out for. We can easily state that we feel you should leave the real deal to trained professionals so you can enjoy this little mobile title without any real life consequences, and of course no real people where harmed in the making of this review.

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Rating: 7.8/10 (4 votes cast)
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HERO Unit - Review, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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