Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures coming soon to IOS

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures coming soon to IOS

Camex Games, a mobile games developer, announced today that Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures is coming to IOS devices on November 19th. Whether it be setting out on a quest to save the kidnapped princess, challenging other players to PvP combat, adventuring through player customized levels, raiding castles, or creating the most powerful guild, players will have a wealth of different gameplay choices with Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures.

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures centers along the mystical story of the ancient Dragon Tribe’s league of heroes that overcame the Demons of Hell in a fierce and ruthless battle. The descendent to The Dragon Tribe, Princess Loralyn, has been kidnapped by demons and it is up to a team of courageous heroes on a journey to save her and slay the evil Demon. Players will collect heroes by conquering kingdoms and empires in different campaign stages.

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures

Features of Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures are:

  • Build your team into an unbeatable army!
  •  Collect and summon unique heroes, each wielding special skills and power. Train and customize each hero with numerous weapons and armor and lead them into action packed battles
  • Develop your favorite battle strategy from countless combinations of heroes, battle formations and skills.
  • Conquer the campaign missions to rescue Princess Loralyn and slay the vicious demon!
  • Play and chat with other players around the globe
  • Let your heroes to take over in combat with the optional Auto Mode
  • Receive free prizes daily

With a vast array of heroes including knights, treants, griffons, unicorns, medusas, harpies, minotaur, and more, players can combine the skills of various heroes, creating different fighting patterns and powered up skills. With intuitive touch screen controls, Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures reinvents the mobile gaming experience.

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