Hit anime One Punch Man: Road to Hero arrives on mobile

Hit anime One Punch Man: Road to Hero arrives on mobile

This weekend Oasis Games releases their newest mobile game on the App Store and Google Play store. One-Punch Man: Road to Hero will be the first officially licensed mobile game of the One-Punch Man franchise that will be launched in the West. The already 200.000 pre-registered players foretell a good start for the turn-based mobile RPG.

Oasis Games created the game from the highly popular Japanese manga that has sold over 20 million copies in Japan. The game is designed and developed under the high supervision of the original author ONE and illustrator Yusuke Murata. Together with the well-known Japanese art team, Oasis Games produced the game with a high authentic level equivalent to the know manga franchise.

In One-Punch Man: Road to Hero, the player can follow the original series that contains almost the complete cast with their original voices. The campaign will contain an authentic recreation of the series that tells you the story of Saitama, a boy that became a hero with incredible strength. Saitama got his strength by tenacious workouts that resulted in losing his hair because of his intense training regime.

Players require to collect and train a team of characters from the series to overcome the various monsters, villains and catastrophic events. When Saitama is available you can team up to knock out your opponents. As you progress in the game, you can visit a supermarket, meet new heroes, spending time in the hot spring or buying combo moves from the vending machine to ask for Saitama’s help in battle.

The turn-based mobile card RPG features multiple battle modes where the player needs to mix and match the perfect team combination. Over 50 different available characters, who have their own strengths and special attacks, can be collected and used in various team setups.

With a dozen of chapters and over 50 playable characters with an authentic graphic design, One Punch Man: Road to Hero would deliver a true anime experience for the fans and newcomers. Oasis Games also stated that shortly after the launch new content will be released.

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