HITMAN 2 – New mode announced!

HITMAN 2 – New mode announced!

A new game mode has been announced for HITMAN 2! The new Ghost mode will feature a unique 1v1 competition.

In Ghost Mode, players will both be Agent 47, world’s deadliest assassin. Each player will start in the same spot and will receive the same assignments. Along the way, there will be various weapons, items, and outfits available. The player who kills the targets in the most efficient and fastest ways wins! While playing you both have your own reality but you’re able to see a “ghost” of your opponent to see how he/she is doing.

Ghost Mode will be available from the 14th of November when Hitman 2 is released. First for the Miami location and later for other HITMAN 2 locations.

HITMAN 2 is the sequel to the popular HITMAN. It will feature brand new hyper-detailed sandbox locations. HITMAN 2 will also feature a co-op modus called Sniper Assassin, where players will be able to work together online.  Sniper Assassin is now available as a pre-order bonus. Players are also able to enter a Sniper Assassin competition for a chance to win; your name and image in HITMAN 2. For more information click here.

HITMAN 2 is available on the 14th of November 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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