Hitman 3 – Review
Follow Genre: Action, stealth
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia
Tested on: PC

Hitman 3 – Review

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The Hitman franchise is a renowned one for a few decades already. The well-beloved series, that puts you in the shoes of Agent 47 through his career as an assassin, is one that many gamers know and love. The rebooted Hitman games, Hitman and Hitman 2, have received great reviews because of how almost perfectly these games were made. Thanks to its high replayability with the various challenges, side missions, and escalations, you are really getting a great bang for your buck. This latest installment will sadly be the last in the World of Assassination Trilogy, which also means that it is possible to have all locations and missions from the previous games neatly packaged and upgraded in Hitman 3. Fans don’t need to panic as it will not be the last game in the franchise.  



The story takes off where we ended in Hitman 2, and those who have played the previous games will know that the storyline neatly follows closely in each title. At the end of Hitman 2 you finally track down another agent and were supposed to kill him, but because he is a childhood friend, Agent 47 decides to work together with him and take down Providence instead. The missions take you all over the planet again, and the areas feel realistic and can range from the slums in China, a modified factory in Berlin, and so on.

With Providence being the most powerful organization, it means that Agent 47 will have to be even more skillful and silent in order to get to his targets, as they all know that they are being hunted. The story flows smoothly with cutscenes between each mission, while also getting you started for the next assignment.


If you liked the graphics of the previous games, then you will be astonished by the next-gen quality of Hitman 3. An added bonus is that you have the ability to get the previous games bundled in this title, all with upgraded graphics and visuals. Everything looks and feels great and the maps are huge and seem endless. Houses are cluttered with items which makes it really seem like the world is inhabited by living people. The game plays at a smooth framerate, which is good since there is always a lot going on. Explosions leave marks behinds, deadly weapons leave blood splatters all over the place and you can even alter certain locations when utilizing its surroundings, all contributing to the realistic atmosphere of the game.

The biggest ‘wow’ are the locations and the difference between them. For example, you have this hyper-modern underground laboratory right under the slums of a city, which is a massive contrast to the world above that you think that you are playing on another map. It all flows together smoothly and the high-quality cutscenes make for a cinematic experience.


While every aspect in Hitman 3 seems and feels perfect, it feels like there is just one thing that is a bit annoying. It could be that it seems like nitpicking, but when you put the bar so high quality-wise, you would expect that every little detail would be perfect. The voice acting is of a really high level, yet due to the game taking place all over the world, it feels a bit off that people speak with a British accent all over the globe. The other sounds are still very nicely done, from the various gunshots to the ambient sound in the background of the various places you visit.


Hitman 3 is a stealth-based action game where you have near endless possibilities to take out your target(s). Before each mission starts, you will be able to look at the known intel about targets, locations, special events and plan how you will commence the job. If it is your first run, then starting locations and hiding spots are limited but thanks to the high replayability you will unlock various starting locations and contraband rooms where you can acquire larger items (such as sniper and assault rifles and, of course, other things). Hitman would not be Hitman without his iconic starting gear and in this third installment, you now have a few garrotes to strangle targets, your iconic Silverballer pistol and another item. You can fully select what items to take with you, depending on your playstyle. You can opt for distraction items or those that gain you more access to locked rooms.

Each mission has unique stories that can be completed to gain access to the target. The classic formula of “track down your target, kill them and escape” hasn’t changed, but the many different stories and challenges to complete make you want to complete everything. Each level provides new unlocks when you go above a certain level threshold, thus resulting in new items. These items can be beneficial in more difficult levels and are definitely worth it to replay cleared levels, so you have that slight advantage or comfort item for the future.

Controlling the game goes really smoothly and on PC you can even switch back and forward between keyboard and controller without any hesitation. It is advised to play with a controller as the keyboard layout isn’t that comfortable and might require a lot of remapping. Even in hectic situations, you will not encounter any input lag, and you always feel properly in control of Agent 47, preventing a lot of frustrating moments and unfair deaths many similar games tend to have.

Just like in Hitman 2 it is possible to own all the previous games when you have a special edition. Here you can binge all the missions from the prologue, to Hitman 1, 2 and 3. All the maps have been optimized to run smoothly and look great on the current generation of consoles and PC. The combination of all the content from the trilogy will mean that you will have many hours of missions, side quests and escalations. With the large platter of content to unlock, it is ideal if you want to play the trilogy in one go or replay them in a nicer setting.


While it is sad that this is the last game of the trilogy, the developer has gone all out to make the final installment one to remember. Agent 47 is back again for revenge and you will have to take on the most powerful organization ever. You will have to use your skills and wits to become the best silent assassin in a game that is both beautiful to watch and has a great sound design, safe for some odd choices in the voice acting department. If you have all the content by paying a bit extra, you can play the older content optimized and upgraded for the next generation.

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Hitman 3 – Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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