Hitman 3 – Season of Greed (Seven Deadly Sins Act 1 DLC) – Review
Follow Genre: Action, stealth
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia
Tested on: PC

Hitman 3 – Season of Greed (Seven Deadly Sins Act 1 DLC) – Review

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Hitman 3 is claimed to be the last game in the trilogy, which makes us quite sad. While sad to say goodbye to this trilogy, it feels good that IO Interactive has announced a pretty elaborate expansion pack. The Seven Deadly Sins is a seven-part premium expansion pack that will cover each Sin that there is, starting with Greed.

In Act 1: Greed, you will indulge in collecting coins to feed the frog, unlock new items and let money get the better of you. In this mode, you will visit Dubai in a three-stage escalation where you must kill targets under very specific circumstances. The difficulty greatly increases every time, making the final stage almost impossible to finish. By doing so, you will accumulate greed coins, these can be fed to the frog to unlock new tools to dispose of others. The frog is a statue that awaits you when you enter the tower in Dubai. This statue requires a sacrifice to keep him happy. By feeding him enough ‘greed’ coins, you will be awarded a unique weapon to use during your current (or next) mission. These weapons will be really helpful, especially in the later stages where the conditions for failure are pretty strict. For example, swapping disguise in this DLC will result in failure to complete your mission.

When you had enough of Dubai, Agent 47 makes it over to Berlin, where he is invited to an Easter Egg hunt. Follow the white rabbit while eliminating the other rabbits with special items or in unique ways (or just grab a pistol and take revenge for the fact that they stopped showing up in your childhood). The most interesting part of these missions is the special Easter Eggs that you can pick up and these will have different effects on people. This includes things like poisoning or sedating a troop of guards, so you can sneak past your objective.

The last of the larger new things is The Jinzhen Incident Escalation, here you will roam the streets of Chongqing and must descend into the facility to exact your revenge on your targets.

The DLC will bring new elusive targets and featured contracts to the table. You will unlock new items and costumes to use in the main game. While there are no completely new venues to visit, the old ones have gotten a complete overhaul to fit the new themes. You can rely on your map knowledge while exploring paths that you might have missed in your initial playthrough.

Players are able to purchase the packs separately at $4.99/ £4.19/ €4.99 or get the Seven Deadly Sins Collection priced at $29.99/ £24.99/ €29.99. May 10 is the next big update and will also end the Season of Greed, moving on to the next Deadly Sin.


The Season of Sin starts off right with greed taking over, finally making you into a real gun for hire who only cares about the money. While the new content is limited (and short), it does take a certain skill level to clear easily. We had to do a lot of different attempts at pulling off our objectives. Is it worth the price as a collection? That’s hard to answer right now, as this is only the first of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC. Is it fun as a separate expansion? Moderately.

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Hitman 3 – Season of Greed (Seven Deadly Sins Act 1 DLC) - Review, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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