Home (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Animation, Adventure
Director: Tim Johnson
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Duration: 90 minutes

Home (DVD) – Movie Review

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After successes as ‘How to train your dragon’, ‘Shrek’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’, DreamWorks Animation  recently released a new enchanting film. In Home, an alien Boov and a human girl team up, each with their own objectives. It’s a story about friendship, finding hope and going for what you believe in.


While running away from their enemy the Gorg, the Boov, an alien people with rather flat heads and many short, stumpy legs, land on Earth. Convinced that the Gorg won’t find them there, they invade the planet and relocate all humans to Australia. They occupy the humans’ houses and reorganize the planet to their liking. One Boov, named Oh (Jim Parsons), is so enthusiastic about his new home that he decides to throw a party. Despite sending an invite to everyone and decorating his house with toilet paper and inflated rubber gloves, he seems to be the only Boov in need of social interaction. When it turns out that his invitation was not only sent to all Boov, but is also on its way to the Gorg, all hell breaks loose and he has to flee from his people.

Meanwhile, the Boov thought they had captured and relocated all humans, but it turns out that they didn’t. One girl, Tip (Rihanna), escaped by chance, but as she is all alone now, she is desperate to find her mom (Jennifer Lopez), in order to become one happy family again. She flees her home, which is being invaded by the Boov, and soon bumps into Oh. When realizing that they are running away from the same thing, they decide to team up, in order to stop the invite and find Tip’s mom. It’s sure going to be a bumpy road of galaxian proportions.

The concept of this movie is quite nice. Oh and the other Boov have never known any better but to flee whenever things get too dangerous. Now that Oh sees that Tip is so determined to find her mom, and is not scared to face all the troubles ahead, he realizes that maybe Captain Smek’s (Steve Martin) approach of running away was wrong all along. Oh learns that running away is not the solution to his problems – or his people’s problems for that matter. He knows that he has to face the unknown, and with that, he will make mistakes. But hey, that’s only human.


Although the concept is quite resourceful, the story itself often seems a little farfetched, definitely at the beginning. The fast pace of the movie causes you to have many questions, that don’t always get resolved in a satisfying way. Sometimes it just feels like they quickly needed to come up with an answer to something illogical, and didn’t think it through. Towards the end this issue gets better, but the overall story still leaves you wanting more.

As far as animations are concerned, the DreamWorks Animation team did a superb job. It’s also fun to see that the Boov change colors, depending on their mood. Though this really makes you like the Boov even more, it might not always come in handy for them, because that way they can hide literally nothing. Oh often tries to persuade Tip of something, but she finds out soon enough that whenever he turns green, he is lying.

he Boov speak English, but in a really funny, maybe even childish way. This makes the movie more lively and makes the Boov that much more loveable. Especially Jim Parsons did a marvelous job lending his voice to Oh.  As far as music goes, most of the soundtrack is sung by Rihanna. Whilst the songs definitely add to the overall mood of the movie, it seems as if they are sometimes a bit too prominent. It would have been nice to have had more of a change between actual songs and mood setting film music.

The extras on the dvd are nice, but never really out of this world. The most fun part is Oh’s party and Boov that can’t stop themselves from dancing funny moves –“My hands are in the air like I just do not care!”. You are also treated to the music of the film, bundled together this time, and a few other small extras  as well.



Although the goofy, bright colored Boov themselves are quite loveable, Home lacks a bit of a decent storyline, which is unfortunate, given that the underlying message of never giving up hope and going after what you believe in is actually a very nice one. It is definitely a feel good story, but if you’re looking for a nice animated, feel good film, there are much more interesting options out there.

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