How And Where To Find A Good Gaming Deals in 2022

It’s a simple question, but one that has a lot of answers. Although most people would quickly answer any deal that includes a heavy discount on the original price. We want to go a little further than that. When the price is right on a game you’ve been looking to purchase, most people will pull the trigger. But sometimes, with enough patience, you can find a little more.

Come with us and we’ll tell you a few other bonuses to look for in your next gaming purchase with a few examples to get you started.

Find Bundled DLC Deals

The first deal comes with the newer age of gaming. As we venture further and further to downloadable games and move away from physical discs, DLC becomes ever-present in the industry. The community has labelled it as both a blessing and curse at large over the years, but one thing’s for sure: all of it adds up.

Take The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as an example. After winning Game of the Year back in 2015 at The Game Awards, it’s been considered an enormous success and such seen a wide variety of updates and DLC released. The game clocks in at almost 190 hours if you want to do everything it offers. However, the title complete with all DLC in the aptly named ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete’ edition was on sale recently for a mere $10 in the US. And it’s in these discounted “complete editions” that we see people saving the most money. Sure, you might have to be patient to find a good deal, but with the number of titles we see each year, it might be worth it to check for discounts on games you might have missed in the years past.

Search For Sign-Up Bonuses And Free Play Credits

Online casino gaming has plenty of deals to get people playing. Sign-up bonuses help the player not only decide on which site to choose as theirs, but it helps the player decide which game they’ll be playing the most, as many sign-up bonuses are geared towards specific titles.

Because there’s so much competition in the online casino industry, many of them strive to offer the best deals and offer the biggest selection of games in a specific genre to set themselves apart from the competition. Because of this, there are many free money casinos with no deposit required in the USA that either reward you with sign-up money to spend on any game they offer or on specific titles.

This will give you some mileage with the amount you can play. Instead of signing up and getting credit towards a specific game, find deals that credit your new account as a whole. That way you can play whatever the site offers instead of having to focus on just one game.

Deal Sites Can Be Your Best Friend

Finding a go-to site for deals is key in your saving experience. If part of your weekly routine is popping onto a site like, you’re bound to save big as sites like his one highlight deals across the internet that are routinely better than the discounts offered by any of your consoles marketplace.

It’s a simple concept, but finding one or a few deal aggregate websites to call home could save you on both software and hardware. Depending on your country, you may find an equivalent to this, but others also rely on dedicated Twitter accounts to find deals too.

Bundle Before You Buy

When looking for a bundled deal, while it might be a challenge to find, it can net you a small library of titles to choose from. Publishers will typically bundle their older titles together, hoping one title could sell the bunch. While the Humble Bundle website might be the first choice to spring to mind, there are plenty of options out there to find your perfect package deal. Be sure to visit those sites, and especially make it a priority to scan those websites around Black Friday, Christmas, and the beginning of summer.

So, while finding a game for the cheapest price possible is always the go-to for super savers, always keep a lookout for these other money-saving strategies.

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