How can I play 8-ball pool on my smartphone?

How can I play 8-ball pool on my smartphone?

Have you ever played a game of snooker or 8-ball pool? If you did, you are already aware of the complexities of the sport. It requires a lot of practice and training to master the different shots needed to pot the balls.

Even though the sport has had humble beginnings, it quickly garnered a blue-collar reputation with several high-prize tournaments and talented 8-ball pool players showing world-class action.

Today, however, the blue-collar charisma is waning as the sport has exponentially increased popularity and adopted by people of all classes and statuses. The sport is finally accessible to everyone and not only earmarked for society’s creme de la creme. It is pretty easy to start a career playing snooker or 8-ball pool, and players don’t have to sacrifice much effort and time.

Indeed, everyone cannot become overnight pro pool players, but thanks to online 8-ball pool games, everyone can experience the thrill of the game. If you’re wondering how to play 8-ball pool on your smartphone, keep reading.

  • Download and install the app

The first step to playing 8 ball pool online is to download the game app on your smartphone. Install the app and register using your email ID, or you can log in using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

  • Get familiarized with the game’s rules

8-ball pool online works on the same principles as the offline game that you might have played. But the game has slight twists that make it more challenging and exciting.

When you play on your smartphone, you’ll have three lives in the game, and if you lose all three, the game will end for you. You need to pocket an object ball during the game, and failing to do so will cost you a life. So, in every shot, your objective must be to pot a ball, and you will also lose a life if you mistakenly pot the cue ball.

Unlike the traditional 8-ball pool, the online version doesn’t allow players to adjust the cue ball’s position. If you pot the cue ball, the cue ball is repositioned at the head string.

The game ends if the timer ends, the player pockets all the object balls, or loses all three lives. The winner is declared after tallying the final scores. In the online version of the game, you can play with other players but not at the same table. So, you don’t have to wait for another player to play their turn. You can play your game without any distractions, and the points will be calculated at the end. Whichever player scores the highest wins.

  • Understand the gameplay

As already mentioned, players are given their pool table, and you don’t have to play with an opponent on the same table. The game’s objective is to pocket all the balls within a 3-minute time limit.

The online variant does not impose any sequence when it comes to pocketing the object balls. Players can pocket all the balls anytime during the game, including the 8-ball.

  • Pocketing the balls

When pocketing the balls, you don’t have to physically hold a cue stick and angle it toward the object balls. It would help if you had hand-eye coordination to help you align the virtual cue stick on the game screen and ensure the object balls are headed to their assigned pockets. The 8-ball pool online game features incredible touch control settings and visuals, where you have to use your fingers. A force bar is displayed on the gaming screen, which you can use to adjust the force of your strike.

There are also drag and touch options, along with tap and drag options for moving the cue stick with ease. The angle of the cue stick can be rotated and adjusted by using the touch and drag option. The game even integrates bottom spin, side spin, and top spin.

So, you need to correctly aim the cue stick and strike the balls with enough force so they are sunk in pockets. If your pull is more significant on the force, you’ll be applying a greater power and vice versa.

So, you see, you can easily play 8-ball pool on your smartphone, and you wouldn’t need to put a lot of effort into mastering the controls. The rules are similar to regular pool games with a difference of the 3-minute timer and no restrictions on which sequence you pocket the balls. You can get started on playing the game right away.

Practice games or join a tournament?

On your smartphone, you have the option of playing practice games. These games are played for free and allow you to become well-versed with the controls and rules of the game.

Once you are confident, you can join a tournament or one of the 1VN or 1V1 cash games. These games are played for entertainment and earning cash rewards, and you need to aim to score higher than your opponents to win such battles.


8-ball pool on your smartphone is a reimagined and technologically advanced version of the regular pool game that you’ve played before. All you need to do is download and install the game on your smartphone, and you can get started right away. The real-life visuals of the game and seamless controls offer an immersive gaming experience. You can become a pro at 8-ball pool in no time.

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