How Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is Taking the Competition to FIFA 20

How Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is Taking the Competition to FIFA 20

For many, many years, the football market on games consoles has been hotly competed for by both FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Among gamers, the EA Sports production has been the title of choice in recent times, but, following the addition of numerous new features and other refined in-game components, PES has once again become a viable option for those seeking the very best virtual football experience.

As a result, we’re going to look at how this year’s Konami production is providing FIFA 20 with some serious competition.

­Live and Incentivized Gaming

Much like FIFA and last year’s version of the game, Pro Evolution Soccer has continued its approach to including live updates as it seeks to remain closely aligned with real-world football. This live element not only enhances realism but, by their own admission, also creates a more authentic gaming experience. Furthermore, this feature also benefits gamers due to the variety that is available within its application. While such updates are automatically implemented within online modes such as myClub, they are also optional on others like Co-op and Versus.

Additionally, PES 2020 combines its real-time components with incentivized gaming. MyClub, which is the Konami equivalent of Ultimate Team, rewards players for their continued dedication to the game mode by offering both daily and weekly rewards. Although this is also the case on FIFA, the idea of participation bonuses has predominantly stemmed from the iGaming industry.

In-Game Features

Along with focusing on how real-time performances can alter player ratings, world-renowned midfielder, Andres Iniesta, has aided the title’s authentic feel. Konami has placed a real emphasis on perfecting player movements in this year’s release, with the addition of new first-touch techniques, improved ball physics and much more being developed.

Moreover, one of the biggest criticisms of FIFA 20 is that little has changed within their career mode. The same, however, cannot be said of PES’ Master League. Having required adjustments during the last few years, Konami has responded to their audience’s desires. Upon creating a new save, footballing legends like Johan Cruyff are available as default manager avatars which assist the game’s aesthetics and authenticity. However, while the inclusion of more in-depth cutscenes appears to be a substantial upgrade, their application and involvement generally don’t affect any long-term elements of Master League.

Steps in the Right Direction

With such an apparent divide in the virtual football market, PES has added many impactful new features that take the competition to FIFA 20. Even though work still needs to be done to match EA Sports’ online features, the Konami development has undeniably taken steps in the right direction for those who enjoy offline modes such as Master League.

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