How to Avoid Scams in Rocket League Trading

How to Avoid Scams in Rocket League Trading

If you are new to Rocket League trading, then you will want to make yourself familiar with the practice, but perhaps more importantly, clue yourself up on the potential scams that can occur. Sadly, scams are extremely common where trading in Rocket League is concerned, and there is a number of different tactics that scammers will use. However, if you follow these steps, you should be able to not only avoid scammers, but report them in the relevant places to stop them from doing it to anyone else.

Duplicate Items

We will start things off with the easiest one. All you need to know here, is that items cannot be duplicated in Rocket League. Those out to scam you will attempt to convince you otherwise, but since Rocket League is server based, there is no possible way in which duplication can take place, so be sure to avoid anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.

Item Switching

I’ve seen friends actually fall for this particular scam, and it is one of the most common. As the name suggests, this practice will see scammers switching out items during the trade process.

There are ways to spot these, mind. If the item is being clicked on and off, there’s a chance you could be getting scammed. What often happens is that common items are switched out to gray and painted items to make the look normal. To stop yourself falling for this facade, make sure to wait for the person you are trading with accepts, and click show details to make sure the items are the correct ones.

Rocket League

Crate Trading

There’s also the chance that you will be offered a mystery decal as a trade for a number of crates. To complete this trade, you’d be required to go first, in which you can simply have your crates taken off you.

One way to avoid this has a potential scamming method in itself, by using a middle man. By having a middle man, you can trade safely provided that you trust the person who is taking up that particular role. Choose someone you know just to be safe, or find a reputable member of the community with a high amount of credits, at least.

Reporting Scammers

Should you fall victim to a scam, or sense that another player is scamming others, then there is a number of platforms which you can use to report them. The best site to use for this is, which allows you to post anyone using scams, as well as check out those to avoid. Just be sure to use relevent platforms such as this, as other areas could report you for naming and shaming someone, which is something you’ll want to avoid.

By following these steps, you should be able to keep yourself safe from scams in Rocket League trading, and be able to report those who have done so and keep others from falling for any in the future.

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