How to Become a Game Tester

How to Become a Game Tester


The world of gaming is vast and incredible. The entire community of gamers and developers loves nothing more than the world that they have. Be it the game’s creative process or being the person who plays the game cozily on their couch. Yet, in the middle, there is another person who has the responsibility of making sure to give the game a green light when it is in the process of being made.

These people are known as game testers who routinely get to test games and give feedback to the developers on how stable the game is and how it can get better in terms of its mechanics and graphics. These game testers look at these games from a wide perspective and look at the game as to how the majority of the game community is going to view it.

This is why game testers have such an important opinion on the end result of a videogame. If you think this is exciting then you’re just in luck. You can also test video games for the biggest game companies in the world. You will need to follow some steps with complete dedication and you will be good to go. No need to worry one bit as we will be discussing in detail the steps you will need to follow.

Getting High School Diploma

It isn’t necessary to get a high school diploma if you want to be a game tester but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Most game testers in today’s day are those who are 18 or above, so at this age, most of them probably have a high school diploma on their hands. It would be better to have one if you’re looking to take up game testing full time.

You will also need to be good at basic communication and writing skills because you will need to give your assessment on the games which you will be testing. These skills are taught at a young age in every school and you should know their basics to make sure you can give a proper assessment of the games that you are told to test.If you are going to build a gaming pc for you. You should learn How much should I spend on a gaming pc.

After the first step, we move on to the second step which is quite obvious and that is to play video games.

Playing Video Games

Many video game testers are those who started out as normal people who simply loved gaming. Their love for gaming was taken to the next level when these people decided to become game testers. To become a game tester, you will need to have profound love and admiration for games because that is what is going to make you rate games better.If you want to develop video games then you should learn facerig software.

The more games you play, the more you will have an idea of how good game mechanics should be. Not just mechanics, the gameplay and dynamics should also fall in line while the game is being created. You will get to know all of this once you start to play games of a wide range of genres. If it helps then you can also replay games because game testing requires you to sit through hours of gaming.

So having gaming as a hobby will definitely help if you’re opting to be a game tester.

Related College Degree

Getting a gaming-related college degree on your hands is going to help massively. Be it game designing or coding, there are several development degrees that you can choose from and although this isn’t necessary, these degrees will make you become a stronger candidate for the position of a game tester.

When you start studying these subjects, you will get a better idea of how a game is made and what steps can be taken in order to improve a game. After all, the job of a game tester is to improve the game overall so if you end up studying the basics of a video game then you can obviously guide developers better on how their game can be improved.

Another plus point is that having a degree related to this will help you excel forward in your career so if you plan to enter into any area of this field, it will be easier for you with a related degree on your hands.

Be a Good Troubleshooter

Being a game tester means that you will need to find flaws in the game that is given to you. You will need to have eagle-eye vision and a great sense of troubleshooting because you won’t just be playing the game. You will be breaking the game and will find problems in the game because those are the problems that will need fixing.

Good troubleshooting skills can come in different ways. You can have them by constantly playing games and working in quality assurance in a video game company can help too. When you’re good at troubleshooting, you will come to find flaws in a game quicker. That is how you can contribute to making a good game, better.

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