How to Blow Up on SoundCloud?

How to Blow Up on SoundCloud?

The free online music streaming platform SoundCloud has become one of the most popular places to discover new music. Artists who blow up on the platform are able to achieve widespread appeal and make money by selling merch and generating ad revenue.

There isn’t exactly an overnight process to blow up on SoundCloud, but it can certainly happen with the right strategies. Read our detailed guide below for the best practices on how to get popular and earn revenue on SoundCloud.

Valuable Tips to Blow Up on SoundCloud

Anyone can become successful on SoundCloud if they know what they’re doing. Follow these expert tips to get your music heard on SoundCloud and gain popularity:

1) Repost Exchange

SoundCloud’s very own Repost Exchange service is a great way to get famous on SoundCloud. Create your account on the service, and you can start finding like-minded musicians to share your music with. The closer they are to your genre, the better.

Supporting and collaborating with other artists by reposting their work means that they’re more likely to repost your songs too. Just share your track on Repost Exchange, and someone might repost it, giving you more reach and, eventually, more listeners.

2) Do Remix

Reach out to your fellow artists who make music similar to yours and make remixes of their songs. By doing so, you have the chance to add your unique style to a popular track that already has a large audience, putting your music in the ears of potential new fans.

Whatever kind of music you make, be sure that your remix adds something new to the original song. Whether you’re mixing new beats for the song or just including a new verse, it’s important that your part stands out and impresses listeners.

3) Engage with Your Audience

Have a consistently active online presence by interacting with your community and letting them know you care about them. This will build loyalty among your fans and net you some new listeners as people spread the word about your music.

Be sure to join groups relevant to the genre of music you make and interact with listeners there. As you become more active in the group and respond to people’s comments, you’ll build a positive reputation for yourself that will inspire listeners to check out your tracks.

4) Check SoundCloud Analytics

Use SoundCloud analytics to measure how well your music is doing and gain some insights on what you can do to improve performance. Being a DSP or digital streaming platform, SoundCloud has all this information readily available for you to explore.

Understanding how your music performs at different posting times and in different countries can help you know what people want to get out of your music, and you can adjust future songs accordingly.

This also gives you a better grasp of the demographics that listen to your music. By knowing more about them, you can make music that appeals to your listeners and has them giving you more plays on SoundCloud.

5) Promote Your Music on Social Media

There’s a plethora of platforms online where people discuss and share music, and you should be promoting your tracks there. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are especially useful for finding like-minded listeners.

SoundCloud promotion across the web can help you reach a wider audience of interested users. Add a link to your account on social media and send it to radio stations – you’ll be quick to see new followers who discovered your music through these outside channels.

6) Collaborate with Other Artists

The music industry is built on collaboration, and SoundCloud is no different. Finding other artists that make music similar to yours and reaching out to work together with them can be mutually beneficial.

You’ll both have new people listen to your songs as you reach each other’s audience. Establish a good working relationship with this musician, and you’ll increase the chances that you blow up on SoundCloud.

Make sure anyone you choose to partner with is a suitable collaborator before you create music together. It’s best to look at their target audience and be realistic about whether or not their fans would also be interested in your style of music.

7) Buy SoundCloud Plays

Rather than spending tons of time trying to get your first few plays on SoundCloud, there’s one simple way to get started quickly: just buy them. By purchasing SoundCloud plays, your music will show up in search results, and you’ll become easier for new listeners to find.

Enhancing your reach is vital for your music’s performance, and buying lots of plays helps here in a huge way. Your tracks will become more popular and attract more listeners the more your play count increases, and purchasing them is the fastest way.

It can be difficult to find an authentic source to buy SoundCloud plays from that you trust, but we’ve made it easy for you. There’s no better place to purchase these plays than Media Mister, the most reliable social media service provider on the internet.

They have an industry-high retention rate due to their incredible service and 100% money-back guarantee in case you aren’t totally satisfied. Buy Instant SoundCloud plays from Media Mister to take your music to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Although many people desire to become famous on SoundCloud, not everyone is able to do it. Those musicians were missing something that you have, though – this guide full of best practices. Follow our guidelines, and you’re sure to blow up on SoundCloud in little time.

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