How to Check if Online Casino Payment Methods Are Trustworthy?

In today’s world of computer technology the popularity of online casinos is growing every day. And this is not surprising. After all, today, in order to enjoy your favorite game of chance you do not even need to leave home and spend a lot of time on the road and looking for land clubs. All you have to do is to open the browser on any device with Internet access and go to the official casino website.

But are all virtual clubs so safe to play as it may seem at first glance? There is a fairly large number of scammers who want to profit from naive players and present themselves as a licensed club with a 100% guarantee of payments. So how to make sure that the casino is reliable and not to get the wrongdoers? The first thing you should pay attention to before depositing money to the balance of the game is the security of payment methods at online casinos.

Payment And Withdrawal Options: What Should You Pay Attention To?

The first sign that the official site operates within the law and does not cheat its customers is the fact that it offers:

  • numerous bank transfer options;
  • different currencies – euros, dollars, pounds sterling and others;
  • the possibility to deposit and withdraw funds to electronic wallets;
  • cryptocurrency payments.

If the casino offers a minimum number of payment methods, it is a direct sign of its unreliability.   

The second thing you should pay attention to in order to make sure of the reliability of payment methods is the presence of certified security technology. The most popular technology among virtual casinos and other financial institutions is SSL encryption. It is the technology that is widely used around the world, providing the highest level of financial and personal data security of clients. Thanks to SSL encryption technology, the owners of gaming platforms prevent the theft of their customers’ confidential data, thereby guaranteeing them the highest level of security. 

Paysafecard — one of the safe ways to deposit money

Paysafecard is a reliable and time-proven payment system that allows you to make casino deposits instantly and especially safely. It was established in Austria in 2000 and today is considered one of the most popular payment methods in Europe. The official representative offices of the company are located in 27 countries. In 2011 the mobile application became available for the payment system, which significantly increased the number of customers.

Paysafecard system allows its users to:

  • buy cryptocurrency;
  • place bets in betting companies;
  • transfer money to electronic wallets;
  • make bets in online casinos;
  • replenish the account in social networks.

Paysafecard is one of the affiliated companies of PaySafe Group, which has an annual revenue exceeding $1 billion.  Many popular casinos prefer Paysafecard for gaming transactions. To learn more about this payment method, just click on the link The website presents only reliable and up-to-date information.

How Does An Online Casino Refuse To Pay Customers?

It is worth understanding that it is not so easy to find out if a virtual club is trustworthy. Usually, the reliability of the casino will become clear in the case when the user wins a fairly large sum of money and tries to withdraw it. At this point, the cheaters simply will not let it cash out explaining it for a variety of reasons. It is this event that forms the true picture of the operators.

In general, the practice of cheating by the owners of unreliable casinos is as follows:

  • even after a fully legitimate win it is offered to play for a certain amount or for the whole prize before withdrawing the money;
  • after an attempt to withdraw the amount or immediately after the formation of a prize combination, the support service sends a message with the text: “It was a software error and we can compensate only 10% of your winnings”;
  • the virtual club sets such limits that do not allow you to withdraw the amount for many years;
  • there is a strong delay in payment – sometimes it is more than one week or even a month;
  • support service points out to the player the abuse of bonuses and refuses to pay out.

Also, many clubs simply block the user’s profile, indicating in the cover letter a variety of reasons citing the rules of the club. 

Pay Attention To The Reputation Of The Casino

Before you start playing for real money, you should carefully read the reviews on the Internet about the selected casino. There are independent resources that publish only 100% truthful reviews on their pages, based on their own practice.

Several reliable virtual clubs and available methods are presented in the table:

Do not trust the feedback published on the site of the casino, because they are very easy to fake. And then the site will have only positive feedback, while on the Internet there may be negative comments from deceived customers. But it is not necessarily if there are no complaints on the Internet, then the casino is reliable – it may take a long time to determine the cheating. 

But even proven casinos that have been in the market for more than a year may have negative feedback, although in fact they are 100% honest and comply with all the rules of the law.

It is possible to determine the legality and reliability of the virtual club by looking at the list of games that are available to the user. If the pages posted slots from well-known providers with a good reputation (Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and others), then the virtual club is likely to be reliable. This is due to the fact that the developers regularly check the casinos that use their product in their activities and quickly weed out unreliable, dubious organizations.

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