How to Convert and Download Online Videos Quickly

How to Convert and Download Online Videos Quickly

We all love watching numerous videos, shows, and movies online. The internet gives us a great opportunity to enjoy some of the best content the entertainment world has to offer. But sometimes it would be great if you could download those videos to enjoy them whenever you want. Some of them might need converting to be able to watch properly offline too. If you’re wondering how you could do that easily and hassle-free, then read on to learn more about how you can convert and download online videos in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Why Do I Need to Convert It First?

You need to convert the video you want to download first because not all videos online are compatible with a specific operating system. Also, they won’t play properly if not at all using certain media players. Most converters can be software programs, apps, or even websites that can take the video you want to download and change it to MP3 or MP4. But don’t worry, those aren’t the only formats available. You could convert a video to FLV, WMV, AVI, MKV, and a lot more! The choice is up to you. Moreover, some videos need a converter because you might be using Windows, Mac, or Linux. This means that the video must be converted to match your operating system. The converting apps, software programs, or websites take 2 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the video and they convert it to a compatible file that can be played with the format you need.  

How Does It Work?

You’d be surprised how the downloading and converting process works because it’s very straightforward depending on the software you’re using and the operating system you have. Most of the software programs are for free but don’t be discouraged if some cost a little. Just make sure that the software or app is compatible with what you have. The app developers at make sure that their users understand that the software works only for Windows. You just need to install it in your system, copy the URL of the video you want, post it in the converter box, choose a format you want, and wait for the magic to happen. Also, some apps have a convenient built-in feature/option where you can search for a specific video and let the app/software program find it for you. After it converts it, you can download it easily and you can optimize the downloader speed to anything you want.

What Other Features and Options Are Available?

Some programs and websites have different options and features available to users. Some of them have the feature to change the video’s size, but that can make the quality a little lower. You could download the content with extremely high quality. It could be 720p, 1080p, 4k, or 8k quality. Some programs have a command-line utility to download videos. This is a little complicated for beginners, but it’s good for people that don’t want a graphical interface and want some flexibility for downloading videos. This means that you can download multiple videos at once! Some programs have a subtitle feature where you can download subtitles for the video you want to download using a speech recognition software. Even though it’s handy and could be useful, sometimes the software doesn’t display the right words.

You could install a built-in extension on your browser where a drop-down button appears if you mouse-over a video. This button will convert and download the video automatically into a specific folder on your device. Also, if you want to see the progress of your download, you can open a separate window with information about the speed and how much time it has left to complete. Another extension that you can install is a capture plugin. It’s basically a method of capturing and recording the video as it’s playing and saving it on your device. You just need to adjust the settings to how many minutes you need to capture or you could just set it to the duration of the whole video.

Being able to download online videos has its perks. Not only will you guarantee to have videos saved on your devices when your internet connection gets cut off, but you will also enjoy constant hours of entertainment whenever you want! No more worrying about buffering time or dealing with slow connections. Also, you won’t have to worry about finishing your monthly internet quota for re-watching that video online again. You can have everything safely stored for your pleasure offline and without any delays. Using any of these methods to download videos is completely worth it.

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